Ontario CVOR Test 05

Taking the Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Registration (CVOR) practice test is an excellent way to prepare for the official examination. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation states that the test covers defensive driving techniques, pre-trip vehicle inspections, and handling emergencies. A practice test will help test-takers build self-confidence and identify areas in which they may need additional study.


Ontario CVOR Test 05

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Which of the following recreational vehicles are not exempt from having a daily inspection?

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Which statement is false? It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that...

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The inspection and report are valid for how long?

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Considering there are six inspections schedules; drivers are to use the schedule that is based on what?

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In order for the driver to utilize an inspection done by another individual, who signs the report?

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Drivers should be required to provide the operator with a current driver abstract, or...

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Vehicles that require daily inspection include trucks, mobile equipment vehicles, trailers and converter dollies that, on their own or in combination, that have a total gross weight or registered gross weight exceeding how much?

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What is the purpose of the daily vehicle inspection?

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Which statement is false? Operators of trucks, buses and towed trailers, to which the regulations apply, are required to do the following...

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Which statement is false? For progressive discipline, the operator should record each event and be sure that...

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The operator should obtain a driving abstract upon hiring a new driver, and at least how often after that?

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Which statement is false? In the event of a collision, the operator should have a policy in place for employees to follow, which may include...

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In Canada, the dangerous goods certificate of training is valid for a maximum of how many years?

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Which statement is false? The following vehicle are exempt from having a daily inspection...

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What happens if the driver has doubts about the inspection and report?

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When a driver reports a conviction, the operator should keep the report for the current year and retain reports for how many years?

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Every employer who issues a of dangerous goods certificate of training shall keep a copy of it in the driver's file for a period of...

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When does the driver reports defects to the operator?

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The operator should have a program of progressive discipline for company personnel who violate what?

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When else does the driver record any defects found?

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Which of the follow farm vehicles are not exempt from having a daily inspection?

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Vehicles that require daily inspection includes buses with how many passengers?

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What does the driver do with the inspection report?

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Why should successful companies complete ongoing checks for compliance with legislation?

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Which statement is false? The following are allowed to conduct daily inspections, other than the driver...

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Which statement is false? Another vehicle that requires a daily inspection is a motorcoach includes...

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Every driver who transports dangerous goods must possess a valid certificate of training that must be issued by whom?

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Other than a copy of the employee's valid driver's licence and/or a current copy of the driver's abstract, what else should be added to the driver's file?

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The daily inspection is conducted with the use of what?

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You may inspect vehicle components in any order that you choose, provided...

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