Ontario CVOR Test 01

Taking the Ontario CVOR practice test is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the official exam. With a focus on commercial vehicle safety regulations, getting the right knowledge and skills is crucial to passing with flying colors. Taking the practice test provides an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the type of questions that you are likely to encounter in the actual exam.


Ontario CVOR Test 01

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What is the goal of the CVOR system?

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When are the operators with Carrier Safety Ratings of 'satisfactory' or 'excellent' required to renew their certificate?

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Do collisions with no impropriety or vehicle defects reported appear on the operator's CVOR record?

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Which statement is false? A CVOR certificate is required to operate commercial motor vehicles that are...

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How many CVOR abstracts are available?

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The CVOR system does not track the on-road safety performance of operators of the following vehicles...

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What is referred to as the vehicle out-of-service rate?

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What is referred to as the driver out-of-service rate?

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What does a 'reportable accident' consist of?

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The CVOR is part of the CSR program. What does CSR stand for?

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Which of the following is the CVOR operator not responsible for?

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Will the results of a facility audit be recorded on an operator's CVOR record?

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Does an unladen truck or bus operating under the authority of a dealer plate or service plate require a CVOR?

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What is the most severe disciplinary measure that the Deputy Registrar may impose?

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The Highway Traffic Act requires operators to report fleet size and travel information to the ministry within how many days after a change in the fleet size of 20 percent greater or less than last reported?

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How long must operators maintain records demonstrating the kilometers traveled by trucks and buses in their fleet?

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Who is responsible for monitoring its Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) record and the performance information it provides?

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Does the CVOR system automatically identify an operator for review when poor safety performance is identified based on the operator's overall violation rate?

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How often will renewals be required for all operators other than those with Carrier Safety Ratings of 'satisfactory' or 'excellent'?

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Which statement is false? Operators must report any significant changes in...

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How many vehicle-inspection categories are there?

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Which of the following do not appear on the carrier's CVOR abstract?

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The CVOR system evaluates an operator based on the events on its CVOR record, including...

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Are convictions for offenses that occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions received by MTO?

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Which statement is false? Inspections can result in the following findings...

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How many levels of CVSA inspections that Ontario monitors are on a CVOR abstract?

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What is the overall inspection out-of-service rate?

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Vehicles that do not require a CVOR must have what instead?

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Upon completing the CVOR application process, what are new applicants required to complete?

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What is a CVOR abstract?

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