Ontario Air Brake Test 04

If you are planning to take the Ontario air brake test, it is highly recommended that you first take the Ontario air brake practice test. The practice test is a valuable tool that will significantly increase your chances of passing the actual test. The practice test consists of multiple-choice questions based on the Ontario official air brake handbook. The handbook contains all the information you need to know about air brake systems, including safety-related aspects and proper maintenance procedures. Taking the practice test will give you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on the areas that require further study. It is also recommended that you take the practice test multiple times to reinforce your knowledge and build your confidence. Remember, passing the Ontario air brake test is a critical step towards obtaining a commercial driver’s license, and the practice test is an excellent tool to help you achieve this goal.


Ontario Air Brake Test 04

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Releasing the spring brakes requires operating the control valve and then pressing the brake pedal for how many seconds?

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A technician can manually compress or 'cage' the spring in a spring brake chamber by using what?

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The effectiveness of a vehicle's spring brakes depends on what?

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Which statement is false? When trailer lines are cross connected, the following can happen...

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The brake system that attaches one trailer to another is called what?

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What happens if you fail to close the trailer supply valve when there is no trailer attached?

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Often, a hand valve is also fitted on the steering column or the instrument panel of the towing vehicle so the driver can do what?

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A DD3 brake chamber has how many air line connections?

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What causes sudden automatic application of the spring brakes and an uncontrolled vehicle stop?

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How much air pressure must be supplied to the spring brake chamber to compress the spring in order to release it?

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What is another word used when the springs are compressed?

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A spring brake control valve is normally what type of valve?

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What are almost all commercial vehicles use a type of brake chamber that is held together by?

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When a spring brake chamber fails, a technician may use the manual caging to do what?

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How can disabled or caged spring brake chambers be recognized?

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One connection carries air to fill the trailer's tanks and is called what?

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A tractor parking-brake control valve is normally...

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What is another name referred to the couplers used to connect a trailer?

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What does a tractor parking-brake control valve do?

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Vehicles that are designed to tow trailers must be fitted with additional...

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In most cases, the line that carries pressure for the service brakes is what colour?

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Most towing vehicles have receptacles that protect them from dirt and water when not in use. What are they called?

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If brakes are out of adjustment, will the spring brakes stop or hold a vehicle?

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In most cases, the line that carries air to fill the tanks is what colour?

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The tractor protection valve does what?

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Each coupler used to connect a trailer must include...

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Many buses and motor coaches are fitted with parking and emergency brakes that do not use a large spring in the brake chamber. What is this called?

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The other trailer connection carries pressure for the service brakes and is called what?

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When the hand valve and brake pedal are used at the same time, which brakes receive the higher pressure?

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To prevent air loss from gladhands when they are not in use, what are the lines usually equipped with?

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