Ontario Air Brake Test 03

If you are planning on taking the Ontario air brake test, it is highly recommended that you take the practice test beforehand. The practice test will help you familiarize yourself with the format of the real test, as well as give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked. It is important to note that the air brake test is specifically designed for drivers of vehicles equipped with air brakes, so if you do not fall into this category, you may need to take a different type of test. The practice test is online and can be taken multiple times, allowing you to identify areas where you need improvement. It is important to score at least 80% on the practice test before attempting the real test. Overall, taking the Ontario air brake practice test is an important step in obtaining your air brake endorsement and maintaining safe driving practices.


Ontario Air Brake Test 03

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A service brake chamber contains a flexible rubber disc called...

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The pushrod stroke is dependent on what?

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Which statement is false? To avoid being in the direct path of air exhausting from the air brake system, you should be familiar with all the places where the compressed air exhausts, including...

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Each brake-chamber style, type and size has a specific what?

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The wheels that receive air through the primary or secondary circuits vary, depending on what?

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What contains the brake drum or disc?

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Who may perform brake re-adjustments on manual and automatic slack adjusters?

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Spring brake chambers apply the brakes by means of a large coil spring that does what?

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If one circuit fails from the dual-circuit design, what happens?

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Some vehicles may have another device that warns of low pressure. What is this called?

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Which statement is false? The length of pushrod stroke can be measured and compared to the prescribed adjustment limits for the following...

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Are you allowed to drive a vehicle when the air pressure is outside the normal operating range?

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When you press the brake pedal, compressed air fills the service brake chamber, causing the diaphragm to move and pushes out what to apply the brakes?

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Do all manufacturers currently follow an industry colour code for hoses and tubes?

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A brake chamber that includes both service brake and spring brake sections is called...

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Which statement is false? Compressed air leaving the vehicle travels at a very high speed and will carry...

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What is referred to as stroke length?

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What links the brake chamber to the brake assembly?

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Safety valves normally open at what psi?

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Vehicles with air brakes must have separate brake systems for normal stopping and for parking and emergency braking and these systems are controlled...

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What do front wheel-limiting valves do?

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What is the pushrod stroke dependent on?

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Due to the design of brake chambers, does each have a limited pushrod stroke-length capacity?

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What is referred to as pushrod stroke length?

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How are spring brakes applied?

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Which statement is false? Low air-pressure warning devices must give a visual warning such as a light and may also use...

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How many kinds of air brake chambers are there?

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Air pressure gauges indicate air pressure in which air tanks?

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The low-pressure warning device must activate before the pressure in either tank falls to...

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When air pressure is released, the pushrod is returned to its original position by what?

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