Ontario Air Brake Test 01

Taking the Ontario air brake practice test is a crucial step towards becoming a licensed commercial driver in the province. The test evaluates your knowledge of the mechanics and operation of air brake systems, which are essential for safe operation of large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions, covering topics such as air brakes system components, maintenance, safety, and emergency procedures. It is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and can be taken online or in-person at a designated testing center. To pass the test, you must score at least 80%, and your certification is valid for two years. It’s important to thoroughly study and prepare for the test to ensure that you are proficient in air brake operation and maintenance, which contributes to road safety for all drivers.


Ontario Air Brake Test 01

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Abnormal pressure readings should always be verified by...

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The air compressor draws in air at normal pressure and does what with it?

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Do you need to have an air brake endorsement on your driver's licence to drive a vehicle with air-over-hydraulic brakes in Ontario?

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Brakes convert the energy of a moving vehicle into what?

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Normal air brake system pressure range is around...

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Why are air brakes used on heavy commercial vehicles?

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What happens if there is a single malfunctioning brake?

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What is another phrase for when the air compressor turns off?

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When you press the brake pedal with drum brakes, what happens?

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When brakes overheat due to overuse or improper adjustment, what is it advisable to do?

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What happens when brake drums overheat?

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To stop a moving vehicle, the brake shoes or pads exert pressure on the brake drums or rotors and the resulting friction produces heat that is absorbed and dissipated where?

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Do you need an air brake endorsement on your driver's licence to drive a vehicle with air parking brakes?

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What powers the air compressor?

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If you are driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes, do you need to understand how an air brake system works and how it compares to other vehicle braking systems?

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The actual air brake system pressure range must never be lower than...

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When you press the brake pedal, compressed air must travel from one part of the system to another. What ensures the air moves through the system as quickly as possible?

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Which statement is false? Too much heat in the brake pads can create what?

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Cut-out pressure is normally how much above the cut-in pressure?

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The normal pressure range of an air brake system is determined by the points where the air compressor...

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What's the purpose of the air compressor?

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When using disc brakes, what happens when you press the brake pedal?

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Can brake fluid be compressed like air in air brake systems?

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Other than air brakes, what is not another type of braking system is used on commercial vehicles?

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What is another name for the brake hardware used in heavy commercial vehicles?

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There is a split-second delay in brake reaction from the moment you apply or release the brake pedal. Is this common?

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What is another phrase for when the air compressor turns on?

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Air compressors are designed to run whenever...

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When you are applying for an Air Brake Endorsement on your license, what letter accompanies your license?

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Which type of vehicles use air-over hydraulic brakes

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