Alberta Commercial Driver Test 03

Taking the Alberta commercial driver practice test is crucial to obtaining your official license with flying colors. Many people find commercial driver’s licenses challenging to get. Still, with your dedication and commitment to passing this test, you will be well on your way to becoming a safe and competent operator of commercial vehicles. Remember that the practice test will allow you to understand better the actual exam’s format and style, which can increase your chances of performing exceptionally well.


Alberta Commercial Driver Test 03

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Which statement is false? Braking time depends on...

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When stopping at an Enroute check stop, where should you park?

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When making a left turn, why must you ensure your turn is wide?

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What do inspection reports serve as?

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When scheduling an Enroute check stop inspection, which statement is false?

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When doing the daily walk-around, when do you need the assistance of another person?

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When performing a trip air-brake inspection for air system leaks, what is the maximum loss for power units?

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When performing a trip air-brake inspection for the supply circuit, how fast should the idle speed be in rpm?

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When chocking the wheels, if you only have one chock, where do you place it?

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In vehicles where the rear axle cannot steer during a turn, the rear tires will follow a different path than the steering tires do, what is this called?

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Which is not part of the daily inspection?

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At the end of a shift, why is it recommended you do a post-trip inspection?

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When reversing a tractor-trailer, what is a recommended safety precaution prior to moving the vehicle?

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What is the maximum height a commercial vehicle can have from the ground surface?

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When turning right onto a narrow street, how can you ensure you can make the turn safely without driving up the curb?

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What steering technique is preferred while making turns in a larger commercial vehicle?

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What is the minimum tread depth on a steering axle tire?

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When parking at the edge of the road, what is the maximum distance allowable by law you can be from the curb?

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When parking, what is the minimum size of square blocks?

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What is the maximum width of any commercial vehicle?

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When entering a curve with a large commercial vehicle, centrifugal force acts on the vehicle. Where does it push the vehicle?

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When doing the daily walk-around, what are you looking for under the front of the vehicle on the ground?

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The length of a straight truck must be no more than how many metres?

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When doing the daily walk-around and looking under the hood, which filter do you check?

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Since commercial vehicles can't be more than 2.6 metres in width. How wide must they be before adding clearance lights?

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Federally regulated carriers that operate one or more vehicles outside the province of Alberta must complete trip inspection reports on which of the following?

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What is the minimum safe following distance for operating a large vehicle, larger than a passenger vehicle?

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If one or more brakes are not properly aligned or maintained, what happens?

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When attempting to stop a heavy commercial vehicle, how do you compensate the added weight and forward motion?

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A vehicle inspection at a rest and check stop should include certain checks. Which statement is false?

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