Alberta Commercial Driver Test 01

Taking the Alberta commercial driver practice test is a crucial step towards obtaining a truck driver license. It is essential to be well-prepared, as the official exam can be challenging, covering a wide range of topics, including vehicle safety, traffic laws, and handling hazardous materials.

To pass the official exam with flying colors, it’s crucial to devote time and effort to practice and learn the intricacies of safe driving. The practice test is an excellent way to identify knowledge gaps and areas needing improvement. By dedicating themselves to mastering the material, drivers can maximize their chances of success on the exam.


Alberta Commercial Driver Test 01

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What is the minimum age to become licensed as a commercial driver in Alberta?

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To drive a school bus, Licence Class 1,2, or 4 will have which letter added to their license?

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Which type of vehicle must carriers also have a Safety Fitness Certificate?

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What is an air-over hydraulic braking system?

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When would you need to have an air brake endorsement if driving a farm vehicle?

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What is an air-actuated hydraulic braking system?

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To learn to drive a commercial vehicle, which type of license must you possess?

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A Class 4 license will allow you to operate which types of vehicles?

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Having a Class 2 license will allow you to learn which type of vehicle?

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Which statement is false?

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When learning to operate a vehicle that is equipped with air brakes, which of the following statement is true?

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Federal law applies to carriers wishing to operate outside of Alberta while driving a truck, tractor, trailer, or any combination of these vehicles registered for or weighing in excess of 4,500 kg to possess what kind of certificate?

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As a smart, professional driver, being involved in a collision may result in many negative outcomes. Which statement is false?

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If you do not pass your vision test, what happens next?

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Until the age of 45, how often do you require a medical report?

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In an air-actuated hydraulic braking system the air compressor is used to boost what type of braking system?

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No holder of a Class 3 driver's license shall operate a motor vehicle with a maximum passenger limit of...?

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What is checked before upgrading your Alberta driver's license?

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When a driver successfully completes an approved Alberta air brake course through an authorized agency, which letter is placed on their license?

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When it comes to becoming a professional driver, which statement is the truest?

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Which vehicles can you drive with a Class 1 license?

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A vehicle with an air brake system has brakes that are initiated by air pressure. Where does this air pressure come from?

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To be a professional commercial driver, which statement is false?

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You must have a medical report to upgrade to a Class 1,2 or 4 license. Where can you get such a form?

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Do drivers need an air brake endorsement to drive vehicles equipped with an air-actuated hydraulic braking system?

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What is the minimum age to learn to become a commercial driver in Alberta?

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A Class 2 license will allow you to drive which type of vehicle?

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During a work shift, a driver cannot drive after driving for how many hours?

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A Class 3 license will allow you to drive the following vehicles.

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Which statement is false? For a Class 1 road test, you must provide a tractor-trailer with the following configurations...

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