Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 04

 It’s essential to ensure that you have studied the driving manual extensively to grasp Saskatchewan’s road rules and regulations thoroughly. The free practice tests offered by Saskatchewan are an excellent resource that can aid in your preparation for the official exam, ensuring that you’re fully equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to pass easily. So, take advantage of these resources and give yourself the best chance to succeed on your Saskatchewan Commercial Driver Licence Test or Truck Driver Test.


Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 04

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'Multiple axle group' means an axle group of three or more axles with an axle spread of not more than how many metres?

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What is referred to as 'Tandem drive axle group'?

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Petroleum (flammable) hauling vehicles must have an extinguisher with a rating of not less than...

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Flares which are reflectors or advanced warning triangles are required to emit a red reflection visible from a distance of how far on a clear night when illuminated by headlights?

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Practise progressive shifting by shifting before you reach the maximum governed rpm, which is...

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Which statement is false? Starting your truck properly can save money on fuel by doing the following...

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Which statement is false? The flexing action of the tires will be increased...

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Always ensure tire diameters are within how many mm of each other on a set of duals?

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What is referred to as 'Axle spread'?

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'Bus' means a motor vehicle designed and intended to carry more than how many passengers?

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What is referred to as 'B-train'?

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When should the tire pressure be checked?

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An under-inflated tire will result in...

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Any vehicle greater than 2,060 mm (81 in.) in width and operating outside the corporate limits of a city, town or village is required to carry three flares consisting of...

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A combination of vehicles other than an A, B or C train must not exceed how many metres in length?

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What is referred to as 'Drawbar length'?

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A single vehicle must not exceed...

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Which statement is false? Fire prevention in and around a vehicle is easier and cheaper than fighting a vehicle fire if you practise the following rules...

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What is defined as an 'A-train'?

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A rear vision mirror on the side of a vehicle may extend how far past the width prescribed in the regulations or in a permit?

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The maximum legal width, unless otherwise expressed in a permit, for a vehicle and its load on a provincial highway or provincial road is...

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What is referred to as 'Box-length' for a truck and trailer combination?

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What is meant by 'Converter dolly'?

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What is referred to as 'End dump semi trailer'?

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Which statement is false? 'Pony trailer' means a vehicle that is...

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An over-inflated tire will result in...

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Flares which are electric lanterns are required to emit a red light visible from a distance of 150 m on a clear night and be capable of operating continuously for at least how many hours?

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Most school buses built from 2000 or later are required to carry an operative fire extinguisher of at least...

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What is referred to as 'C-train'?

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'Combination of vehicles' means how many vehicles joined together

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