Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 03

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Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 03

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If the weight and speed of the vehicle is doubled, the braking force should be...

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Which statement is false? Before backing into a loading dock, you should...

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If the weight of the vehicle is doubled, the braking force should be...

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What happens when the brake drums heat up too much?

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When the driver behind you does make their move to pass your vehicle, what can you do to help them complete the pass?

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What advantage do the engine retarders create?

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If the speed of the vehicle is doubled, the braking force should be...

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A slow revolving wheel on an icy surface will be more effective than...

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Preferably park how far away from an intersection when stopping for a break?

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If the Anti-lock braking system (ABS) detects a wheel locking up during a brake application, what happens next?

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Which statement is false? If the vehicle intrudes into the traveled section, is disabled ,or will be parked for more than four hours, it's recommended to place flares or reflective triangles...

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To proceed down a steep grade, which gear should be selected?

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When should you drive off the roadway onto the shoulder to pass another vehicle?

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If you reach an unsafe speed while descending a downgrade on a highway, what should you do?

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When the trailer brakes are applied along with the tractor brakes, what is this often referred to as?

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In a combination of vehicles (such as a truck and trailer, or power unit with a semi trailer unit) equipped with an air brake system controlled by...

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Why should you place a slight drag on the brakes when it becomes necessary to run through water?

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Trailers weighing over how many kg must be equipped with service brakes?

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Which statement is false? All drivers can reduce collisions when backing if they follow these backing rules...

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Large vehicles such as truck-trailer and semi trailer units have engine governors which do what?

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Which statement is false? For the safe negotiation of curves, the following should be used...

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Applying brakes in a curve can cause a skid or...

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Outside rear-view mirrors reflect a large area, and if properly mounted and adjusted, give the driver a clear view of the roadway behind, except...

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What is the advantage by 'covering the brake'?

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What does centrifugal force do when a vehicle is entering a curve?

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What is another name for engine retarders?

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In normal stopping, the brake components heat up and will continue to build up with excessive hard braking until what happens?

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Which of the following is not a factor of making a smooth braking application?

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Which statement is false? Before backing a vehicle without a guide, you must...

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Entering a curve too fast can result in skidding or...

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