Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 07

Taking the free Saskatchewan Air Brake practice test is a smart move if you are planning to take the official exam. The practice test provides you the opportunity to test your knowledge and understanding of the air brake system and related regulations in Saskatchewan. Not only does it offer you an assessment of your current abilities, but it also helps you identify areas in which you may need to improve.


Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 07

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What is the most common cause of loss of braking?

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If the brakes are badly out of adjustment it may take up to how many brake applications of 100 psi to adjust them?

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What is the purpose of slack adjusters?

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What is the requirement for your license to operate a vehicle with an air brake system?

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What is the stroke limit on a type-24 air chamber?

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When must the brakes be adjusted?

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Even with cold drums, a vehicle with poorly adjusted brakes will have up to a how much longer stopping distance than normal?

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How often should automatic slack adjusters be adjusted?

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A correctly adjusted brake will have how much available slack?

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What is the stroke limit for a type-20 air chamber?

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At an 80 psi application, a brake chamber with 3/4 inch of slack will stroke how much?

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What is another word for the length of push-rod travel?

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The type-30 air chamber has how much available stroke?

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After multiple attempts to adjust the automatic slack adjusters, what happens If they are still out of adjustment?

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What is the stroke limit for a type-24LS air chamber?

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At high temperature, what happens to the brake lining?

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Since cast iron expands when heated, a hot brake drum can cause the chamber to stroke a further...

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Turn the slack adjustment mechanism until the wheel stops, then back off the adjustment until...

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Are slack adjusters used with wedge-type brakes?

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Normally how many brake applications of 100 psi per day will keep the brakes properly adjusted with automatic slack adjusters?

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What does LS refer to for chamber size?

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When performing a brake adjustment, why raise the wheel to be adjusted off the ground?

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Stroke limit is +/- what?

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What are slack adjusters?

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The most efficient braking occurs when push rod travel is held to...

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For manual slack adjusters, compare the actual stroke to the recommended maximum stroke of 1 1/2 inch to determine what?

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What is the stroke limit for a type-30LS air chamber?

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Under normal light braking conditions, grossly maladjusted brakes seem to respond how?

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Which statement is false? Slack adjusters are available in a variety of...

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The entire slack adjuster operates as...

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