Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 06

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Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 06

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Where is the relay emergency valve mounted?

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Sudden loss of air pressure in the supply line triggers what?

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Can trailer brakes be used to hold a parked vehicle that is left unattended?

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Which of the following are not components of the spring-brake trailer air system?

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Air flow during a brake application made with the foot valve has applied the tractor and trailer brakes...

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What happens during bobtail proportioning relay valve operation?

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During a supply-line rupture, operation of the tractor brakes will not be affected if...

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During a loss of supply reservoir air, what has prevented primary and secondary reservoir air from escaping back to the supply reservoir and the ruptured line?

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Control pressure causes the relay emergency valve to direct reservoir air from...

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Trailer-brake application pressure is the same as control pressure, which is the pressure of application air by the foot valve, causing brake lag to be...

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Depending on the type of tractor protection system used, air loss from the tractor will stop immediately or it will bleed down to a minimum of...

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The relay emergency valve must be of what type, so no air is lost from the trailer during a supply-line rupture?

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How many functions does the relay emergency valve serve?

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The trailer brakes will remain applied until either the pressure in the trailer reservoir is drained off or...

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Can you use the hand valve to apply the trailer brakes?

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Rupture of the compressor discharge line results in what?

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Rupture of the service line will result in the escape of air pressure if...

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A trailer breakaway would result in...

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Drivers can check the operation of the relay emergency valve by doing what?

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What happens if the service line is ruptured or disconnected?

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During emergency applications, the tractor brakes are operable, without air loss, because...

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Which statement is false? The trailer spring-brake valve is responsible for the following important functions...

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What happens if the foot valve and the hand valve are operated at the same time?

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Is there sufficient reserve air pressure in the primary and secondary reservoirs for a limited number of brake applications to stop the vehicle before the parking brakes are activated?

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What does disconnecting the supply line between the tractor and trailer with the supply valve in the open position do for the driver?

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What is a bobtail proportioning relay valve?

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What is the main purpose of the trailer supply valve?

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What is referred to as the relay emergency valve?

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How do you control the trailer brakes independently?

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Loss of pressure in the supply line also causes the trailer-supply valve to do what?

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