Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 05

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Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 05

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When the pressure in the supply line reaches 45 psi, the service line port of the tractor protection valve does what?

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What is the function of the service line?

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What will join and lock the couplers?

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Some vehicles are equipped with a different type of cab-mounted trailer-supply valve, which must be operated...

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When connecting the glad hands, start with the two seals together and the couplers at what angle to each other?

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Where are two-way check valves installed?

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What is referred to as dynamiting?

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Will the tractor protection valve operate if the trailer-supply valve is closed?

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The trailer-supply valve is usually...

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The hand valve is typically supplied from primary and secondary circuits and plumbed to...

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Why is the trailer hand-control valve added?

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Place the trailer-supply valve in the what position and reservoir air will be directed to the tractor protection valve and supply-line glad hand?

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What do you do if the unit is not equipped with dead-end couplers?

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Air is supplied to the trailer-supply valve by what?

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The supply line always contains the same air pressure as...

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Vehicles equipped with dead-end couplers should have what in use whenever the vehicle is used without a trailer?

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The double-check valve only takes air from what?

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Can the hand valve be used as a parking brake?

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How many positions does the manually operated trailer-supply valves have?

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The two-way check valve allows control of the trailer brake by use of...

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A tractor protection valve is usually mounted on the cab or...

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What prevents air from escaping the glad hands?

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What is referred to as glad hands?

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When you are not hooked to a trailer, the trailer-supply valve is...

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The trailer-supply valve has also been referred to as...

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Why should the glad hands be protected when not in use?

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What's another name for the supply line?

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The trailer hand-control valve is also called...

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What happens on a trailer breakaway?

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What happens when the trailer-supply valve is open?

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