Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 04

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Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 04

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How many functions does the trailer-supply valve have?

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When does compounding the brakes happen?

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With a dual-circuit system, pressurized air moves from the supply reservoir to...

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At what pressure will the spring brakes apply?

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Which statement is false? A spring-brake chamber functions as...

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Release of air in the spring-brake circuit causes the drive axle to do what?

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What is the purpose of an air pressure gauge?

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What is referred to as blended air?

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Where is an anti-compound line sometimes installed?

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Under normal operating conditions the primary reservoir operates which brakes?

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What is the minimum pressure at which the tractor protection system must be activated?

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Installation of parking brakes and piping arrangements into a vehicle air brake system will vary, depending on...

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The rear chamber houses a large, powerful compression spring and diaphragm and performs emergency and parking functions, sometimes called...

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During a controlled service brake application, air pressure enters the service port and acts upon the service diaphragm, which does what?

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If air pressure cannot be restored in the service-brake chamber and it is necessary to move the vehicle, the power spring can be compressed manually by the use of...

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All discarded spring-brake chambers must be disassembled and disposed of by whom?

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What is caging the brakes referred to as?

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A two-way check valve allows the source applying the higher pressure to shift the shuttle so that what happens?

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What makes up the tractor protection system?

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Spring brakes are a reliable parking brake because...

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To avoid compounding, the park brake should be...

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The only way the vehicle can be moved after all air is lost is to do what?

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The spring brake may begin to drag if the air pressure in the system falls below approximately what pressure?

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What happens when you operate the park control valve?

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Spring brakes consist of how many separate air chambers?

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What's the purpose of the dual-circuit air system?

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What does the tractor protection system do?

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When you operate the park control valve, air is exhausted from where?

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If a failure occurs in the primary circuit and a brake application is made, control air from the secondary side of the foot valve is directed to where?

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Spring brakes are installed in the same manner as service brakes and are always installed where?

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