Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 03

If you’re interested in obtaining your Saskatchewan Air Brake endorsement, it’s essential to prepare for the official exam thoroughly. One of the best ways to do so is by taking the free practice test that Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) offers. Not only will this test provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the kind of questions you’ll encounter on the actual exam, but it will also help you identify any areas you might need to work on further.


Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 03

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What is the ratio valve designed for?

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The supply reservoir is protected from being over-pressurized and bursting by what?

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Air pushes against each service-brake diaphragm causing what to happen?

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Air is drawn from which reservoir to operate the brakes?

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What is the function of a quick-release valve?

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The second reservoir is called...

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This safety valve is pre-set, usually at what pressure?

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Where is the ratio valve installed?

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What's the purpose of a one-way check valve?

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What is installed near the rear brake chambers to correct brake lag?

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What is another name for when the governor takes the compressor out of its pumping stage?

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What is the purpose of the air dryer?

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What is A low-pressure warning device that drops into driver view called?

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Older trucks may be equipped with a front wheel limiting valve controlled by what?

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Where is the one-way check valve installed?

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What happens when reservoir air pressure drops?

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Which statement is false? Several additions can be made to the basic system to improve it, including...

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What should you do if the low air warning system activates?

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What is another name for when the governor starts the compressor into its pumping stage?

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What is another name for the supply reservoir?

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When the brakes are applied, air is delivered through the foot valve to...

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Which statement is false? The following will result in erratic, unpredictable and potentially dangerous brake performance.

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The first reservoir is closest to the compressor it is now called...

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The stop light switch is an air-signaled electrical switch which is turned on...

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Why do front brake assemblies have the brake chamber and slack adjuster mounted on the backing plate?

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Do air dryers remove all moisture?

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If a safety valve blows off excess pressure, what does this mean?

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Which statement is false? To alert you when air pressure drops below a safe level, the following is installed...

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What determines the amount of heat that can be absorbed and dissipated to the atmosphere?

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What is attached to the face of the brake shoes?

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