Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 02

In Saskatchewan, air brake endorsement is vital for heavy commercial vehicles, so passing the official exam with high marks entitles you to operate heavy commercial vehicles with air brakes confidently. Invest some time to practice with the free Saskatchewan Air Brake practice test, study hard, and take the exam when you’re adequately prepared. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect, and with adequate preparation, you will pass the exam with flying colors. 


Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 02

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What is the purpose of a compressor?

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Air compression is controlled and limited by what?

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What is referred to as a diaphragm?

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Air compressors are either gear driven directly from the engine or...

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What happens when air pressure is released from the service-brake chamber?

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Will the reservoirs be able to store a sufficient volume of air to allow several brake applications if the engine stops or the compressor fails?

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Each reservoir is equipped with a drain valve called...

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The maximum air pressure available for brake applications depends on what?

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The compressor's intake system draws air from either its own air filter or...

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When the brakes are applied, air pushes against each service-brake diaphragm causing the push rod to move against...

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What is the purpose of brake shoes and drums or brake rotors and pads?

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What's another name for the floor-mounted brake pedal?

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What is the purpose of a governor?

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Should compressors that have their own filtration system be serviced on a regular basis?

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Do all compressors run continuously while the engine is running?

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The governor must take the compressor out of its pumping stage when system air pressure reaches...

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How often must reservoirs be completely drained?

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At what point is the air system fully charged?

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What is referred to as compressed air?

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What is the purpose of a foot valve?

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How many main components are there in an air brake system?

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All compressors run continuously...

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The governor will normally cut in how much below the cut-out pressure?

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What is the purpose of brake chambers?

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How is heat generated by the brakes dissipated?

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What is the common brake assembly used on truck and trailer axles?

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Although most compressors use the truck's lubrication, others are...

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The governor must put the compressor back into the pumping stage at a minimum of...

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What is the purpose of a reservoir?

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When you press down on the foot valve, air pressure enters the pressure side of the brake chamber through what?

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