Quebec Commercial Driver Test 02

When you feel ready, you can take the official exam confidently, knowing that you’ve done all you can to be fully prepared. By passing your official exam with flying colors, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your Quebec heavy vehicle driver’s license and hitting the open road. Remember to take advantage of all available resources and prioritize safety and responsible driving.


Quebec Commercial Driver Test 02

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Should you still drive your vehicle if your power brake system is not working properly?

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What should your vehicle position be before entering a curve turning to the right?

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What should you do about your following distance when driving on snowy pavement?

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All dump trucks and road tractors that carry dump trailers or semi dump trailers must be equipped with what?

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Will you sometimes have to encroach on the next lane, either left or right, with your front wheels in order to complete the turn?

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Which statement is false? All heavy vehicle brake systems, regardless of their type, include the following components...

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What should your vehicle position be before entering a curve turning to the left?

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An engine that turns over too fast tends to do what?

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Why should heavy vehicle drivers use their gears for slowing down?

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Looking far ahead requires you to scan the distance you will be covering in the next...

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What will help you to maintain your vehicle in the centre of your lane?

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When turning at an intersection, you must consider the fact that your rear wheels will do what?

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Is the tachometer a more reliable indicator of when to change gears than the sound of the engine?

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Which statement is false? While completing a turn, the following must be done...

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What should you do about your following distance when driving on wet pavement?

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An engine that does not turn over fast enough tends to do what?

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When you come to a stop behind another vehicle, how far back should you stop?

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Which mirrors provide a wide-angle view?

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When should you be in the correct gear when dealing with curves?

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When pressing the brake pedal, what is a sign of a serous problem?

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Which of the following is not a step to reduce abrupt stops?

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Which statement is false? Going into a curve at high speed could cause the following...

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Use your rear view mirrors to check the traffic beside and behind you, and do so at regular intervals of...

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If the weight of your load is doubled and you apply the same brake pressure, what will happen?

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Downshifting and braking at the same time does what?

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Which statement is false? Since there is no way you can prevent other drivers from tailgating you, you have to make allowance for their presence by doing the following...

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When should you start signalling your turn?

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To upshift into 2nd gear, you must press down on the accelerator until the engine reaches what rpm?

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If there are two lanes from which left-hand turns are permitted, why should you make your turn from the outside or far right lane?

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How would you ensure that you are following at a safe distance?

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