Quebec Commercial Driver Test 01

If you want to become a heavy vehicle driver in Quebec, you must prepare yourself well. Part of that preparation is taking the free Quebec Commercial driver practice test, which is an excellent resource to help you understand the official exam format and allow you to practice your knowledge. The practice test will also help you identify areas of weakness, allowing you to focus on improving your understanding of trucking regulations, safety requirements, and driving skills.


Quebec Commercial Driver Test 01

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Load limits (total loaded mass) are based on...

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To determine the maximum authorized weight limit during spring thaw and to factor in weather conditions according to region, Quebec is divided into how many major zones?

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The load restriction period is usually from...

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When is the risk of falling asleep at the wheel is greatest?

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Which of the following is not an effect from fatigue?

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Since automatic transmissions in heavy vehicles do not have a PARK setting, what needs to be done to make sure the vehicle remains stationary when you are stopped?

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What should be placed on the rear end of an outsized load in daylight hours if it extends more than one metre beyond the rear of the vehicle?

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How many positions does the clutch pedal in a non-synchromesh manual transmission have?

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Which statement is not part of the circle check?

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Which statement is false? While transporting passengers, the following must apply...

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Is holding any kind of portable electronic device in your hand while driving illegal?

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During the thaw each spring, road resistance decreases by how much?

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A synchromesh manual transmission usually has how many gears?

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Which statement is false? When driving your heavy vehicle, you must avoid...

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Which statement is false? Inform the operator if your licence or the licence class and endorsements authorizing you to drive the vehicle is...

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A non-synchromesh manual transmission usually has how many gears?

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Keep accurate off-duty and driving time logs in your vehicle for the previous 14 days, regardless of the cycle you are following, unless...

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Which of the following is not a sign of fatigue?

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What is the purpose of a flag person?

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When using an electronic log book, it must only be used...

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Any driver with a blood alcohol level of 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (0.08) or more and who is driving while impaired is subject to the penalties. If you violate this zero-tolerance rule of no alcohol or drugs, you are prohibited from driving any such vehicle for how long?

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While approaching an oncoming vehicle and face with glare from their headlights, what should you do?

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Consumption of alcohol, medications or drugs greatly amplifies the effects of...

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Which statement is false? Driving under the influence of alcohol does the following...

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Which statement is false? As a heavy vehicle driver, you may be subject to a roadside inspection and you are required to stop your vehicle and cooperate with the peace officer an inspection of the following points...

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What does the 'Move Over Law' require you to do?

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Which statement is false? During hot weather, you should also regularly check...

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What happens to your field of vision when you speed up?

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Which statement is false? Buckle up and refrain from driving your vehicle if the seat belt is...

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Which statement is false? You are required to stop at an inspection station when its lights are flashing if you are driving...

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