Quebec Air Brake Test 02

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Quebec Air Brake Test 02

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To alleviate overheating, you can...

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Engine brakes and retarders are activated by means of...

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What is the parking brake equipped with that allows the brake to be applied mechanically when the vehicle is parked?

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When the emergency brakes are activated, the wheels equipped with brake chambers begin to lock as soon as the air pressure falls to...

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No matter what kind of engine brake or retarder is installed on your vehicle, the braking power is always applied to which wheels?

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Which statement is false? There is a simple procedure you can use to optimize the play or space between the linings and drums, including...

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The emergency brake is activated automatically in an emergency situation when the air pressure in the service brake system drops below...

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What colour are the brake hoses that are used to supply air to the brake chambers for the service brakes?

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When you release the parking brake, where does the air flows?

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Some vehicle manufacturers go beyond this standard and calibrate the low air pressure warning threshold at what pressure to give the driver more warning time?

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In contrast to drum brakes, disc brakes consume less...

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If you pull up on the parking brake control knob, what happens to the wheels of the tractor and the wheels of the trailer or semi-trailer?

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How long does it take for air to pass through the system?

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If the load you are carrying doubles the total weight of your vehicle, the stopping or braking distance is...

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When you double your speed, the braking power required is...

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Will supplemental brake systems bring your vehicle to a stop?

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What are the most common kind of brake found on heavy vehicles?

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What do brake drums do at high temperature?

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Which statement is false? The amount of braking power produced results from the combined effect of several mechanical factors, such as...

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When two or more vehicles are hitched together, each vehicle has how many brake hose couplers?

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To connect brake hose couplers, you must fit them together at what angle and then rotate them until the hoses are lined up straight?

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Brake linings lose their effectiveness if...

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The excess heat created by friction between the linings and the drums or discs causes the linings (or the brake) to...

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A disc brake is made up of a disc installed on the hub and brake linings (or 'pads') that are held in place by...

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What happens when the air enters the brake chambers?

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What happens if your vehicle is not equipped with automatic self-adjusting brake levers?

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To ensure that air brakes will react as quickly as possible, air brake lines have...

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What is the most popular kind of supplemental brake on the market?

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A drum brake system is made up of brake shoes equipped with linings that do what?

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If your road tractor is not hitched to a semi-trailer or trailer, you must hook up each brake hose coupler to...

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