Quebec Air Brake Test 01

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Quebec Air Brake Test 01

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The amount of air pressure required may vary from one vehicle to another and is affected by...

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The parking brake control is located on the dashboard and is what colour and shape?

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In winter, why should you bleed the reservoirs after operating your vehicle while it is still warm?

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The pressure regulator starts the air compressor before the air pressure in the reservoirs drops to...

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What is used to activate the service brakes on all of the wheels of the trailer or semi-trailer?

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How many types of warning devices for low air pressure?

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Trailers and semi-trailers have their own compressed air reservoirs that are supplied by...

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If the compressor fails, will the service brakes still work for a while?

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What happens if the air pressure drops so low in one of the circuits that the service brakes are unable to work effectively?

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Is it essential for the air to be clean if the brake system is to perform well?

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The air pressure gauge measures...

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Which statement is false? All brake systems include...

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Once the air compressor draws in and stores air from the outside, what does it do with it?

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Heavy vehicles have at least how many compressed air reservoirs?

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What happens when you pull on the parking brake control?

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The first reservoir receives compressed air directly from...

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To eliminate them, how often do the reservoirs need to be emptied completely?

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Your service brakes will not work properly unless...

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The first reservoir is referred to as the...

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Where is the air purifier located?

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The level at which the low air pressure indicator is activated varies depending on the vehicle's brake system, but is never lower than...

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This hand brake control is used to apply the service brakes...

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What is the air purifier also referred to as?

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What of the following is not an advantage of air brakes?

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The compressed air provides the power required to do what?

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Can the handbrake ever be used as a parking brake or, when on the road, as a service brake?

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What happens if you use the hand brake as a service brake?

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The compressor is driven by...

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The hand brake is either attached to the steering column or...

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The air compressor generally begins operating when the air pressure in the service reservoirs drops below...

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