PEI School Bus Test 02

This practice test gives you an idea of what to expect on the exam and helps you identify areas where you might need to brush up on your knowledge. By studying and practicing, you can go into the official exam feeling prepared and confident. And when you pass your exam with flying colors, you’ll be able to start your career as a school bus driver with pride and satisfaction. Safety is paramount when transporting young passengers, so taking the time to prepare for your exam is a small but essential step in ensuring their well-being.


PEI School Bus Test 02

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A driver shall not consume alcohol within how many hours before driving a school bus?

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Is it recommended to use a bus seating plan?

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A bus involved in an accident must never continue on their route without permission from whom?

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Under which circumstances should the driver allow students back onto the back during emergency situations?

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What should the driver do after the students have been evacuated?

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Which students will require a greater amount of assistance from the driver?

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Which statement is false? Student management also involves...

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Good student management is based on...

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Do drugs of concern to the driver also include over-the-counter medication?

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Which statement is false? Should a discipline problem of a serious nature occur, you should do the following...

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Should students be made aware of the location of emergency equipment?

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Which statement is false?

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If there is a discipline problem, when should you make the report?

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During an emergency situation, would the students ever need to be evacuated?

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What is the major factor that affects the safety of passengers?

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When should the driver never consume alcohol or take any drug or medication which could impair the driver's driving ability?

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Which of the following is not part of student management?

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When would an evacuation be done through the rear?

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Do all passengers need to be trained on emergency procedures?

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Are drivers allowed to tow another vehicle?

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After leaving the bus in an evacuation, what should the students do?

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Which statement is false? Should a driver become incapacitated while driving their route, the students should do the following...

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The driver should evaluate which rows first?

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What should you do if a fight should occur between students?

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When should you put a student off the bus when attempting to separate the participants?

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Which statement is false? A driver must...

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What happens if the driver feels unable to do the job for any reason?

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Students should be told by the driver to do what during an emergency evaluation?

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During an emergency situation, what comes first?

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Should drivers be made aware of any student's medical situation?

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