PEI School Bus Test 01

By practicing with test questions similar to those on the official exam, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and be more confident on test day. With dedicated practice and focus on grasping the principles and guidelines of safe and courteous driving, you can be well-prepared to pass your official PEI school bus driver license test with flying colors. It is worth noting that passing the exam requires you to have learned and internalized a wide range of traffic laws, regulations, and driving techniques.


PEI School Bus Test 01

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Why should the pre-trip inspection be carried out in the same manner each time?

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Who approves the pick up and drop off locations?

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Drivers must pick up and drop off students...

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When should the outside of the bus be washed?

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Is it necessary in some situations to use signals to let students know when it's safe to cross?

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What should be made the designated safe location?

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Which statement is false? After starting the engine during the pre-trip inspection, you should check...

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If the student must cross the road, they should...

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Which statement is false? The following should be checked while walking around the vehicle during a pre-trip inspection...

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While approaching another bus who is receiving or discharging students, what should you do?

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What will go a long way to starting the student's day right?

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When receiving or discharging student at or near an intersection, what should the students be encouraged to do?

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Which statement is false? The following reflect upon themselves and their employers...

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When should the amber warning lights be activated in urban areas with speeds less than 60 km/h?

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Which statement is false? As professionals, drivers should look and act the part, including...

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What happens if a driver finds another driver who is not physically or mentally able to carry out their functions as a school bus driver?

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School bus drivers are employees of...

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What should be activated prior to entering the driveway?

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Which statement is false? Before leaving the bus, you should do the following...

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Which statement is false? Your attitude affects...

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If the students must cross the road to board the bus, they should not cross until...

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When a turn has to be done, such as in a driveway, how should the bus be positioned?

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Which statement is false? Drivers should adjust their driving for...

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When picking up students where the bus has to turn, what must happen first?

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When should you activate the red lights?

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When discharging students, the students must stay seated until...

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Once the students are onboard, when should the driver move the bus?

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When should the amber warning lights be activated in rural areas?

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The bus driver is the first school employee to come in contact with...

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School bus drivers must remain in the vehicle while students are onboard unless...

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