PEI Commercial Driver Test 02

This test simulates the examination through multiple-choice questions and comprehensive scenarios, allowing you to practice your skills and knowledge in a risk-free environment. Additionally, the practice test provides semantic richness and in-depth knowledge to understand better the key concepts and regulations needed to perform exceptionally well during the official exam. Through rigorous and intensive practice, you will gain a significant advantage in passing your official exam with flying colors. Remember to take the time to study intensively and utilize the free PEI truck driver practice test to maximize your chances of success.


PEI Commercial Driver Test 02

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Which of the following is NOT part of the In Cab inspection of a Class II vehicle?

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Before operating the truck and trailer of a Class I vehicle, what must the exhaust be checked for?

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5th wheel jaws and a kingpin often connect the tractor and trailer, but other types of hitches are also used. What is a different kind of hitch used?

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Which of the following is NOT required for the Class I Tractor Trailer driver's licence?

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Which seatbelts must be in good working order for Class I, II, III, and IV vehicles?

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What is the required number of full turns for cranking up the landing gear of a Class I vehicle trailer?

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When coupling a trailer with a ball hitch, where must the ball be about the hitch to be adequately secured?

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Which vehicles require a medical certificate or examination for driving?

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What is the maximum number of passengers allowed to be transported at the same time for Class IV?

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After applying the tractor parking brake while uncoupling a Class tractor-trailer, it's necessary to pause to ensure which of the following?

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When coupling the truck and trailer for a Class III vehicle, the wheel chocks must be removed after the trailer has been successfully hitched to the truck. Which of the following must be checked before the rig can leave after they have been removed?

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Before a licence can be upgraded, what must be completed before the road test can be conducted?

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For a gooseneck hitch, what needs to be in place for the coupling to be secure?

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Which of the following vehicles cite a valid PEI driver's licence as a requirement for driving?

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Tires should always be checked for which of the following before operating the vehicle?

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Once the air lines and light cords are disconnected in a logical order, where should they be secured afterward?

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The windshield of the Class I tractor-trailer vehicle should be checked for which of the following before operating?

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Which is the last step an operator must perform during an uncoupling procedure of a Class I vehicle?

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What part of a Class II vehicle must be check for free play during the in-cab pre-operating inspection?

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What steps should be taken to safely inspect the cab of a Class I tractor-trailer vehicle?

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Where do chock blocks go concerning the trailer when they are placed during the uncoupling procedure?

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In a Class I vehicle, from what position should the operator check to see if the jaws are open and the pin is lined up with the 5th wheel?

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While inspecting a vehicle before use, what should an operator do when they come across lights on the truck and trailer that are dirty or grimy?

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During the process of connecting and disconnecting, what kinds of vehicles are required to have safety chains?

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When removing the trailer from the tractor, this process is called what?

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The coupling of the 5th wheel jaws and kingpin should be checked and double-checked for which of the following?

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Which item is not included in the Outside Light and General Check for a Class II vehicle?

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Which gear should the handle of the trailer landing gear be in during the uncoupling of a Class I vehicle?

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Once the landing gear on a Class III vehicle has been raised, the handle must be reversed and then secured in which of the following ways?

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When attaching the trailer to the tractor, this process is called what?

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