Ontario Bus Driver Test 01

Taking the Ontario bus driver practice test is an important step towards obtaining a commercial driver’s license in the province. The test assesses a driver’s knowledge of road safety, traffic laws, and best practices for operating a bus on the road.


Ontario Bus Test 01

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When are you allowed to take a knowledge test for a classified license?

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Which license class is needed to drive an ambulance or any bus with seats for 10 or more passengers, but not more than 24 passengers, and not a school-purposes bus carrying passengers?

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What is the minimum license class you must hold in order to get a Class C or F license?

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How often must drivers under the age of 46 submit a medical report?

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How often must drivers aged 46 to 64 submit a medical report?

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Wheel manufacturers recommend having fasteners rechecked at how many kms after installation?

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How often are bus operators responsible for having each of their vehicles inspected?

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While performing daily road checks, how would you know the parking brake is working properly?

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A Class C license is needed to drive any bus with seats for more than how many passengers, not including school-purpose buses?

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If you're going to drive any school-purpose bus with seats for more than 24 passengers, which license class must you have?

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Would a license be refused if your physical or medical condition does not meet the standards outlined in the regulations of the Highway Traffic Act?

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Does a police officer or appointed ministry officer have the authority to perform a safety inspection at any time and at any location?

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Who is responsible for the safe operating condition of the commercial motor vehicle?

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Which vehicle does not use schedule 2 for inspections?

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Which statement is false? Broken springs, ruptured air bags and faulty shock absorbers may cause...

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What should the air pressure in your spare tire be?

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Which of the following Class of license is allowed to drive a school-purpose bus?

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How often must drivers aged 65 and older submit a medical report?

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Do you need to provide a completed ministry medical certificate when applying for a license class to drive a bus?

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Are drivers permitted to drive a vehicle with a major defect?

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A driver is not permitted to drive a bus, motor coach, school bus or a school-purposes vehicle unless the driver or another person has conducted an inspection of the vehicle and completed an inspection report within...

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When checking your brakes, what should you expect?

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What happens when a minor defect is identified?

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During your road test for Class C and F, which of the following is not done?

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In order to drive a bus with a Class C or F license, what is the minimum age required?

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Is your medical practitioner or optometrist required by law to report to the licensing authorities any health problems that might affect your safe operation of a motor vehicle?

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With regards to the steering, what is another name for free play?

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If the bus passes the inspection, where is the decal placed?

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When checking the transmission on a standard transmission vehicle, what is not one of the things you should be looking for?

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Why should the driver continue to check all systems throughout the day for defects?

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Your Guide to Getting a Bus Driver License in Ontario

Becoming a bus driver in Ontario, Canada, is an exciting career that requires dedication, skill, and commitment. If you want to pursue this career, the first step is to obtain a bus driver’s license. This blog post will guide you through getting a bus driver’s license in Ontario, Canada. From the application process to the road test, learn everything you need to know about starting your journey to becoming a licensed bus driver.


Application Process

The first step to becoming a bus driver in Ontario is to apply. You can do this by visiting your local ServiceOntario location or applying online. Along with your application, you must submit a medical report, a driver’s abstract, and a police record check. You must also provide proof of identification, such as a passport or birth certificate.


Written Test

Once your application is approved, you must take a written test. This test covers topics such as rules of the road, traffic signs, and safety procedures. Studying for this test and familiarizing yourself with Ontario’s traffic laws is essential. You can find study materials and practice tests online or at your local ServiceOntario.


In-Class Training

After passing the written test, you must attend in-class training. This training covers vehicle inspection, passenger safety, and driving techniques specific to bus driving. You will also be required to participate in a First Aid and CPR course. The length of the in-class training will depend on the type of license you are applying for and the level of experience you have as a driver.


Road Test

Once you complete the in-class training, you must take a road test. This test is designed to evaluate your driving skills and your ability to operate a bus safely. The test will cover pre-trip inspections, bus maneuvering, and emergency procedures. It is important to practice driving a bus before taking the road test and to be familiar with the specific requirements and procedures for driving a commercial vehicle.


License Upgrade

If you already have a driver’s license in Ontario, you may be eligible for an upgrade to a bus driver’s license. The process for upgrading your license is similar to the process for obtaining a new license. However, you will only need to take the written test, in-class training, and road test specific to bus driving.



Obtaining a bus driver’s license in Ontario, Canada, requires dedication, skill, and commitment. There are many steps to becoming a licensed bus driver, from the application process to the road test. Following the process outlined in this blog post, you can prepare yourself for a rewarding career as a bus driver in Ontario. With hard work and determination, you will be on your way to hitting the road and transporting passengers safely and efficiently.