Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 06

When you finally take the official exam, you will be prepared and ready to excel. And when you do pass your official exam with flying colors, you will feel an immense sense of accomplishment. Passing the Manitoba school bus driver exam is not only a requirement to obtain your license and start working as a driver, but it is also essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of the students you will be transporting. Therefore, take advantage of the free practice test, put in the effort, and succeed in your official exam with flying colors.


Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 06

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If the defroster motor fails to operate in all selected positions, how is this recorded?

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Is it necessary for school buses to have either a crow bar or a fire axe?

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When the service door fails to open or close securely, how should this be marked?

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When checking the hydraulic brake back-up system, how do you test it?

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If the instruments on the dashboard seem to be inaccurate, how is this recorded?

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If the steering free play is more than normal, what should happen next?

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When inspecting the wheelchair door/latches, what counts as a minor defect?

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Do you always require a horn to be operational?

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If the wheelchair lift has uneven movement, how is it recorded?

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If the Interior body panels get damaged, does it get recorded?

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Which of the following is not a minor defect for the passenger compartment?

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What is not considered an emergency exit?

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Which of the following is a neutral safety switch defect?

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While inspecting the interior and stepwell lights, which of the following is a minor defect?

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If the buzzer is inoperative on the emergency exits, how is it recorded?

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If the wiper blade is damaged, how is it reported?

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Which of the following is not an out-of-service defect when inspecting the driver's compartment?

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What happens if the mirror fails to provide required view to driver due to damage/maladjustment?

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Is it a defect if the first-aid kit has the seal broken?

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While inspecting the driver's seat and seat belt, which is not an out-of-service defect?

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Which of the following is an out-of-service defect

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What do you do if the crossover and/or rear view mirrors do not provide proper view?

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What happens if the fire extinguisher is missing?

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If the steering wheel does not respond normally, what should happen next?

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What would be considered an out-of-service defect for passenger seats?

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If the wiper or washer does not work properly, how is it reported?

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What would constitute a minor defect with the ABS system?

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When checking the brake warning system, what happens if, after starting the engine, the warning device is activated?

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If the wiper or washer fails to adequately clear driver's field of vision in area swept by driver's-side wiper, what should happen next?

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Which of the following is a park brake minor defect?

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