Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 03

Taking the free Manitoba school bus driver practice test is an excellent way to prepare for the official exam and to pass it with flying colors. This test is designed to provide aspiring bus drivers with a comprehensive overview of the rules, regulations, and safety procedures they must follow while driving children to and from school. By taking advantage of this practice test, you can better understand the essential skills that every school bus driver must possess, such as navigating through traffic, dealing with distractions, and communicating effectively with students.


Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 03

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Are exhaust brakes considered engine retarders?

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Speeds greater than 70kph, what should your minimum following distance be?

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The bus should be clearly visible for how far in both directions when doing a turnaround?

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What is known as the 'eight lamp warning system'?

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If the ABS warning light comes on and the ABS feature fails to function, what happens?

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Which statement is false? Suggestions on proper visual surveillance include...

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When driving at night, which statement is false?

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When the ABS starts working, what should you do?

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If an approaching vehicle presents a potential hazard to passengers, what should you do?

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How are exhaust or engine brake activated?

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When the bus is stopped for loading or unloading, place the transmission in which gear?

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Which is not considered an emergency driving situation?

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Which is not a suggestion for driving on slippery road surfaces?

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Normal eyesight is reduced to what percent at night?

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The driver shall stop the school bus not less than how far from the nearest rail of the crossing if the crossing is in a restricted speed area?

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Is there such a thing as a 'Don't Pass Law' Violation Report form?

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Which is not a safety suggestion when driving in bright sunlight?

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What percentage of traffic accidents were caused by factors beyond a driver's control?

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What is not a clue that a vehicle may pull out from a parked position?

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Which statement is false? The most common road surfaces are...

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How far does the crossing arm extend in front of the bus on the right side?

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Where should school bus evacuation drills be conducted?

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Which statement is false? A defensive driver will be able to avoid potential emergency...

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Are school buses allowed to be backed up on school grounds?

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Which statement is false? A defensive driver utilizes their senses to monitor the mechanical operation of the bus, including...

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Which of the following do not cause a loss of traction?

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After passing the vehicle, activate the right turn signal and return to the right lane once you have proceeded at least how far past the overtaken vehicle?

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If the skid is caused by over-braking, what should you do?

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The death rate per kilometre driven is how many times greater at night than during the day?

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Which statement is false? Adjust your driving accordingly and take the following precautions while driving in rain, snow or fog?

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