Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 01

Taking the free Manitoba school bus driver practice test will help you prepare for the official exam with ease. The practice test covers the same types of questions you’ll see on the official exam, helping you get familiar with the test format and identify any areas you may need to study more.


Manitoba School Bus Driver Test 01

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Which statement is false? Before being issued a Class 2F driver's licence for operating a school bus, the applicant will be required to pass...

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What will automatically cancel the red warning lights, stop arm, crossing arm, and exit lamp?

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Upon successful completion of the written knowledge tests and having met medical standards, MPI will issue the applicant a temporary driver's licence certificate, how long is it valid for?

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How long is the medical report good for?

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Seat students according to what policy?

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Which statement is false? The minimum 24 hours of instruction required to obtain a School Bus Operator's Certificate will focus on...

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How does the employer requests an abstract from a potential school bus driver?

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Student loading zones in rural areas should be on the extreme right side of the road where visibility is clear for a minimum of...

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Which statement is false? All Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 drivers must submit a Medical Examination Report form...

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If the applicant currently holds a Class 5F driver's licence and plans to operate a school bus, driver they will be required to write which test?

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Which statement is false? Drivers may also need to be retested for their class of licence related to a medical condition. This may include...

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Are applicants permitted to take the Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 knowledge test before the Medical Examination Report is approved?

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What happens if you fail a pre-trip inspection during the test?

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Is a Manitoba Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 driver's licence acceptable as a Commercial Driver's Licence (CDL) in the United States?

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Simultaneously activate the amber warning lights a minimum before the loading zone of...

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School bus accident data indicates that passengers are more likely to be fatally injured or injured when?

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Who is required to accompany the trainee while they are being trained to drive the school bus?

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In urban areas, the bus stop should be located where?

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To unload passengers, when should you activate the flashing amber lights?

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If a hearing impairment exists, what might be required?

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Each new school bus driver receives how many hours of instruction in school bus driver training prior to operating a school bus carrying passengers?

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When must your Authorized Instruction be obtained?

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While acquiring a Class 2F designation for the purpose of operating a school bus, your class of driver's licence will be identified as...

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On buses equipped with air or electric doors, what would you do to activate the red warning lights, stop arm, crossing arm, and exit lamp?

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Which statement is false? As a school bus driver, you can assist your supervisor by...

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On buses equipped with a manual service door control handle, how much should you move the handle to activate the red warning lights, stop arm, crossing arm?

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What does this 'Authorized Instruction' stage allow?

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Each school bus driver receives a minimum of how many hours of in-service training during each school year?

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What's the minimum distance to stop from the waiting students?

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What will you be required to obtain in addition to holding a Class 1F or Class 2F driver's licence?

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