Manitoba Professional Driver Test 08

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Manitoba Professional Driver Test 08

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Which statement is false? The driver must be aware of any other conditions anywhere on the vehicle that could affect safe operation including...

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Which statement is false? Emergency vehicle drivers must drive with regard for safety, and must consider the...

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When driving the bus and executing a sharp right turn, how does the driver know they have moved forward far enough to make the turn safely?

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If a driver believes or suspects that there is a safety defect, they must report that belief or suspicion to whom?

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Does the school bus always have to stop, even if the bus is empty?

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When checking hoses on a trip inspection, what are you not checking for?

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Can a driver collect fares, make change or load or unload passengers while the vehicle is in motion?

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To execute a sharp right turn the driver should position the bus how far from the curb on the approach to the intersection?

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When checking the suspension system during a trip inspection, which is not a minor defect?

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Which statement is false? Before proceeding down the grade, truck drivers equipped with air operated braking systems must check...

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Which statement is false? With the engine off, identify and inspect all belts for...

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When checking wheels, hubs and fasteners during a trip inspection, which is not a major defect?

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Left turns from a one-way street into a one-way street will require the driver of the bus to adjust the turning arc in a similar manner to what?

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When approaching railway tracks, operators of school buses shall bring the school bus to a full stop how far from the front of the bus to the closest railway track?

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If possible when loading or unloading passengers outside of a city, where should the bus be stopped?

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What is not a major defect when inspecting cargo securement?

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Is it necessary to travel over the centre line as the turn is made in the bus?

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When do you have to report any vehicle body damage?

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What is not part of the trip inspection of driver's controls?

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What is the first consideration of the driver who operates a vehicle used for the transportation of the public?

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A trip inspection does not include...

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When checking tires on a trip inspection, which is not required?

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What are warning clues when passing a line of parked vehicles?

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Which of the following is a major defect when checking the glass and mirrors during a trip inspection?

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When performing a trip inspection, does the driver need to test the function of cab and sleeper doors to confirm whether the doors open properly and close securely?

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When checking the fuel system during a trip inspecting, what is not part of the check?

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After a trip inspection has been completed, where does the inspection report remain?

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If a major defect is identified during a trip inspection, can the vehicle still be operational?

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What is not a major defect when inspecting air brakes?

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When checking the lamps and reflectors, which is not a major defect?

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