Manitoba Professional Driver Test 07

This test covers various driving scenarios, such as proper signal usage, brake timing, and pre-trip inspections. Putting in the time and effort to study these concepts can significantly improve your chances of passing your official exam with ease. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these resources and put yourself on the path toward becoming a skilled and responsible commercial truck driver.


Manitoba Professional Driver Test 07

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Why is it difficult for the driver to feel a skid coming or even sense the trailer bouncing when driving a highway train?

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Once the skid starts, if no corrective action is taken, the critical point can be reached in about how much time?

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Combination vehicles with more than one trailer are subject to 'rear amplification'. What is this?

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To reduce the risk of a collision, the driver of a highway train must...

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In the event of spills or other hazards relating to dangerous goods, who are drivers not required to contact?

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Vehicles displaying a dangerous goods placard must stop where?

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All tow trucks must be equipped with a flashing or oscillating amber light clearly visible from a distance of...

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What may change the centre of gravity of the vehicle for the driver negotiating a turn or curve?

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What class of driver's licence is required if the bus being operated has a seating capacity of over 24 occupants (including the driver) while carrying passengers?

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Passenger carrying vehicles with a seating capacity between 11 and 24 occupants (including the driver) require which class of license?

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What is a highway train is referred to as?

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What can reduce the risk of a trailer being unstable and risk rolling over?

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At what point does liquid being transported have a direct impact on the handling or control of the vehicle?

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Are some liquids heavier than others?

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When slowing or braking with a tank truck, what is often created within the tank?

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When towing a disabled vehicle, the distance between the two vehicles must not exceed...

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Some other tanks have compartments with baffles in them. What are referred to as baffles?

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Can 'wide load' signs be displayed when a wide load is not actually being transported?

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Which statement is false? Which loads do not require a tarpaulin when they are being transported?

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When connecting the trailers, which trailer should be hitched to the tractor?

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What licence is required if the tow truck has more than two axles or if the towed vehicle's weight is over 4,540 kg?

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Which statement is false? Situations that can quickly lead to skidding and jackknifing are...

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How would you test to see that the fifth wheel jaws have locked to the trailer pin?

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School bus drivers require which class of driver's licence if the school bus being operated has a seating capacity of over 36 occupants (including the driver) while carrying passengers?

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Most tanks are considered to be full when they have reached what per cent of the tank capacity?

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When transporting livestock does the vehicle need to be equipped with partitions adequate to separate different species, kinds, classes, types or sizes of livestock?

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Any kind of shipping document may be used providing it contains all of the prescribed criteria for shipping documents required by the regulations except...

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Is it necessary to block the wheel of a trailer that is to be left for any length of time?

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Which statement is false? Jackknifing can be caused by one of the following...

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What causes vehicles transporting hanging meat to become unstable?

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