Manitoba Professional Driver Test 03

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Manitoba Professional Driver Test 03

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Which statement is false? Braking distance in the danger zone will vary according to...

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The distance required to stop a vehicle depends on...

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What will snubbing the brakes help to prevent?

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When a traffic control signal light has been green for some time, what is it known as?

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If the speed is doubled, the braking force must be increased by...

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What is referred to as the danger zone?

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Drivers going down steep grades such as a hill with a loaded vehicle should select a lower gear when?

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What does 'covering the brake' mean?

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Over-braking on vehicles without anti-lock brakes while negotiating a curve, or traveling on wet or icy surfaces could result in what?

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Which statement is false? Other than to gain speed, when else should you shift gears?

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The danger zone can be reduced if...

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What's another name for engine retarders?

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If the weight of the vehicle is doubled, the braking force must be...

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What is not a type of retarder?

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What do retarders do for the vehicle?

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If you drive a bus, truck, or truck and trailer, how should your following distance be adjusted?

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If you're driving an ambulance, what should the minimum following distance be?

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Are engine retarders allowed to be used on road tests?

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What does 'snubbing' the brakes mean?

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Stopping a vehicle without anti-lock brakes on an icy road surface will require the driver to do what?

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What happens to the danger zone when speed increases?

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When driving a vehicle equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS), how would you tend to brake?

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When weight and speed are both doubled, the braking force must be...

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When the ABS start working, what should you not do?

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Which statement is false? If the brakes were allowed to overheat, what could happen?

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It is illegal for regulated vehicles, trucks, highway buses or motor vehicles that are pulling another piece of equipment on a roadway outside of a restricted speed area to follow within how far from each other?

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Why should drivers of automatic transmission vehicles shift down to a lower gear?

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On combination vehicles such as a truck and trailer or tractor-trailer equipped with an air brake system, the trailer brakes are applied along with the tractor brakes by use of the foot valve. What is this often referred to as?

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The trailer brakes may be applied independently of the tractor brakes by use of what?

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The 'slow-moving vehicle' sign may be displayed only on a vehicle, combination of vehicles or other machinery travelling at a speed of...

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