Manitoba Air Brake Test 04

By taking the practice test, you will become familiar with the air brake system, pre-trip inspections, brake adjustment, and air brake system malfunctions, amongst other crucial aspects. The free Manitoba Air Brake practice test is easily accessible online and can be taken multiple times until you feel confident in all areas tested. Don’t hesitate to take this valuable resource to ensure you pass your air brake test confidently and quickly.


Manitoba Air Brake Test 04

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What is the most common type of foundation brake used on commercial vehicles with air brake systems?

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Should vehicles that are designed to tow trailers be fitted with additional valves used only for the trailer?

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To prevent air loss from these lines when they are not in use, what are the service and supply lines equipped with?

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How does the driver operate the trailer supply valve?

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Does the air brake system on a trailer include air tanks and automatic spring brakes?

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Which of the following is not an internal part of the s-cam brakes?

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What happens when the driver fails to close the trailer supply valve when there is no trailer attached?

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What's another name for the supply line?

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Trailer couplers or 'gladhands' are used to do what?

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Spring brake control valves are designed to respond to air brake system pressure dropping below what psi?

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In an emergency when the trailer service brakes fail, the trailer spring brakes can be applied how?

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How can you avoid the possibility of cross connecting the lines?

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Once the trailer supply valve closes, the tractor protection valve on the towing vehicle also closes. What does this do?

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What type of chamber is used on buses and motor coaches instead of using a large spring in the brake chamber?

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Which statement is false? When trailer lines are cross connected, what could happen?

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Trailers with service brake priority do what first?

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Why are the brake-assembly components at the wheels of a vehicle generally called the foundation components?

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Why are the components within the wheel difficult to see on the S-cam brakes?

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Should trailer hand valves ever be used for parking or emergency stops?

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What's another name of trailer couplers?

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The trailer supply valve closes automatically when air pressure in the trailer supply line drops to how much psi?

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In most cases, the trailer couplers are colour-coded during manufacturing, so if red is for the supply line, what colour is for the service line?

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What's the purpose of the service line?

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Is the brake system of a converter dolly that attaches one trailer to another is essentially the same as a trailer system?

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Which statement is false? The types of foundation brake systems are...

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What reduces the ability of service brakes to stop a vehicle and reduces the ability of spring brakes to stop or hold a vehicle?

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Can trailers with spring brake priority be towed without waiting for the service brake air tanks to fill?

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Most towing vehicles have receptacles called 'dead end' or 'dummy' couplers. What do they do?

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What is the purpose of the supply line?

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The air pressure may drop due to one of the following:

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