Manitoba Air Brake Test 03

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Manitoba Air Brake Test 03

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Who can perform re-adjustments on automatic slack adjusters?

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When air pressure is released, what happens to the pushrod?

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Why can vehicles still be driven even with the spring brakes applied?

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Disabled or caged spring brake chambers can be recognized how?

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The motion of the slack adjuster transfers to the brake assembly, causing what?

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Before driving the vehicle, what is considered to be enough air pressure to keep the spring brakes from applying?

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What are the two kinds of air brake chambers called?

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How can a technician manually compress or 'cage' the spring in a spring brake chamber?

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What do front wheel-limiting valves do?

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What happens when you press the brake pedal and compressed air fills the service brake chamber?

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How do spring brake chambers apply the brakes?

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What is referred to as stroke length?

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Air brake chambers are round metal containers, which are located where?

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What do the pushrod and slack adjuster do?

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What happens when a spring brake chamber has been disabled?

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What happens when stroke exceeds the adjustment limits of a brake chamber?

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To release the spring brakes, enough air pressure must be supplied to the spring brake chamber to compress the spring. At what psi?

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Are you allowed to let the pushrod stroke exceed the adjustment limit?

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Pushrod stroke is produced by what?

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What is the level called that helps link the brake chamber to the brake assembly?

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How do you supply air to a spring brake control valve with most vehicles?

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Almost all commercial vehicles use a type of brake chamber that is held together by what?

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Which of the following does a service brake chamber not contain?

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Compressed air is converted into what?

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What is another word for compressing the spring?

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When are spring brakes designed to work?

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Which statement is false? Vehicles with air brakes must have separate brake systems for...

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Which statement is false? Where are the places where the compressed air exhausts?

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Are spring brakes air applied like service brakes?

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What should drivers do if they encounter a disabled spring brake chamber?

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