Commercial Testing Location in Guelph

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255 Woodlawn Rd W., Unit 106, Guelph, Ontario N1H 8J1, Canada
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The Commercial Testing Location in Guelph, Ontario, is a crucial destination for individuals seeking commercial road tests for large trucks and buses. Booking an appointment in advance is mandatory, and the facility operates on weekdays between 8 am to 5 pm. The testing center is located at 255 Woodlawn Rd W in the heart of Guelph, easily accessible by public transport and private vehicles. The testing process is facilitated by friendly staff who assist and guide in preparing for the road test. Additionally, the facility is equipped with modern testing equipment and technology to ensure that road tests are conducted safely, securely, and efficiently. Applicants are tested on their driving skills, knowledge of traffic regulations and safety practices. Completing the road test earns the applicant a commercial driver’s license, enabling them to operate on Canada’s roads. Overall, this Commercial Testing Location is a top-notch facility dedicated to ensuring the safety and competence of commercial vehicle drivers across the province.




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