BC Commercial Driver Test 08

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BC Commercial Driver Test 08

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Are you allowed to pass across a double yellow line?

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What must you do when approaching a railway crossing that displays flashing red lights?

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What does a broken yellow line indicate?

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What's an off-highway endorsement?

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What does HOV stand for?

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What does a flashing green circular traffic light indicate?

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What must you do when approaching a yield sign?

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What do you do before you cross any railway line that intersects with a public or private road when you're driving crew cars with passengers in them?

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What determines which truck should turn out on a narrow industrial road?

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Are you allowed to disregard any of the regulatory signs

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What does a double yellow broken line indicate?

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What do lane control signal do?

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Are you allowed to drive across painted traffic islands?

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Are you allowed to cross a solid white lane marking?

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What is referred to as a turnout?

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What do you do when the yellow advance left turn signal comes on?

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What's the difference between an industrial road and public roads?

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If the lane control signals over all of the lanes are flashing yellow, what do you do?

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By definition, what is an industrial road?

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In a school zone, if the tab underneath, how long does that speed limit remain in effect?

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What happens when your brakes overheat?

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Whose responsibility is it to immediately take all reasonable emergency measures to repair, remedy or reduce any danger to life, health, property or the environment whenever there's a dangerous goods incident?

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Who has the right-of-way on a steep hill on an industrial road?

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Are you permitted to operate unlicensed vehicles on industrial roads?

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Some of these commercial vehicles use water with their brakes. What do they use it for?

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Which side of an object marker sign do you drive toward?

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When there are construction signs with a traffic-control person, do you need to obey them even though the laws say something different?

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If you perform a brake test and find that the brakes aren't operating safely, what should you do?

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What can you do when approaching a flashing green arrow with a solid red light?

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Do industrial roads have runaway lanes?

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