BC Commercial Driver Test 07

Taking the BC commercial driver practice test can be nerve-wracking, but passing your official exam with flying colors is achievable with diligence and preparation. During the practice test, ensure that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of the road, both in theory and practice. You must exhibit proficiency in handling your truck, complying with regulations, and ensuring safety measures are in place.


BC Commercial Driver Test 07

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When checking fluid levels, what are you checking for, beside level?

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Why should you walk counter clockwise around your vehicle while doing a circle check?

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How long should it roughly take to do a class 4 vehicle pre-trip inspection?

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Are you allowed to move into or out of a designated lane while you are in an intersection?

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How do you check if the parking brake of the bus is working correctly?

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Where would you find turn control signs?

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Why are these commercial vehicles required to have reflective markings, in addition to the required lights and reflectors?

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When checking the lights, what are you not checking?

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When checking fuel tanks, what is not checked?

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When inspecting a fifth-wheel connection, what is not checked?

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Which vehicles are not required by law to stop to perform a pre-hill inspection?

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What does a white diamond painted on the road surface mean?

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Which statement is false? When checking the cargo on your vehicle, what is checked?

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Commercial trailers are required to have reflective markings to the rear and sides if their vehicle overall width is...

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Which lights do you require the assistance of someone else to help you check them?

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Which statement is false? When checking the frame, what is not checked?

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When inspecting the landing gear of a trailer, what is not checked?

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What do you check when doing a pre-trip inspection on a bus with storage compartments?

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When checking drive belts, what do you not look for?

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Do steps and handrails need to be checked during the pre-trip inspection?

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Which statement is false? The NSC requires you to re-inspect on a regular basis during the trip at the earliest of...

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What could happen if you fail to stop to conduct a brake pre-hill inspection?

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Is it necessary to inspect the mirrors?

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The NSC requires you to re-inspect the cargo securement system within how far from the point where the cargo was loaded?

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When doing a pre-trip inspection on the brakes, what are you not looking for?

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Are post-trip inspections required?

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Why should drivers perform an en route vehicle inspection?

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When is the best opportunity to spot leaks or body damage on your vehicle?

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When performing a pre-trip inspection for a class 3 vehicle, how long should it typically take?

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When checking the battery, what is something you do not need to check?

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