BC Commercial Driver Test 06

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BC Commercial Driver Test 06

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What are logbooks?

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You Can reset cycle 2 at any time by taking how many days off?

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When should you submit your logbook and all supporting documents to your carrier?

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Who is responsible for ensuring drivers and vehicles meet the standards of the NSC?

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Whose responsibility is it to ensure these inspections are done properly?

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Drivers working on cycle 2 must not drive after completing how many on-duty hours?

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Which statement is false? Driving a commercial vehicle for personal use is not considered to be on-duty time if...

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All drivers must take 24 consecutive hours off duty at what point?

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If there's a disagreement over the defects to be reported, what happens next?

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Can a peace officer order you out of service if you drive after reaching the maximum number of on-duty hours permitted for the cycle you are operating under?

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What is referred to as on-duty time?

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Which statement is false? You aren't required to keep logbooks if...

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What is the purpose of the National Safety Code (NCS)?

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Why should you get in the habit of conducting pre-trip inspections in the same order every time?

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Since you may not be able to safely inspect all components on vehicles with low ground clearance or air suspension, what happens next?

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Who does the NCS apply to?

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Are all commercial vehicles that fall under the National Safety Code (NSC) be inspected before they're used each day?

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Are post-trip inspections also required?

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What can happen if yo0u do not carry a trip inspection report?

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Which statement is incorrect? When checking wheel lugs, what are you looking for?

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What's the minimum amount of time that a driver must spend off duty every day?

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If a peace officer does order you out of service, does this also include the vehicle?

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Which statement is false? Every written trip inspection report must...

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At what point must you re-inspect the cargo securement system?

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When more than one driver is sharing a vehicle during a trip, who is required to sign the trip inspection report?

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You can reset cycle 1 at any time by taking how many days off?

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Which statement is false? You must inspect the vehicle prior to driving it to...

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Why should you remove the keys from the ignition when doing a pre-trip inspection?

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A peace officer may place your vehicle out of service if drum brake linings are how thick?

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Drivers working on cycle 1 must not drive after completing how many on-duty hours?

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