BC Commercial Driver Test 05

The BC commercial driver practice test is crucial to passing the official exam. The practice test will allow you to familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the official exam, as well as identify any areas that require extra attention. By taking the practice test, you can develop strategies to manage your time and ensure you are adequately prepared to answer each question confidently and precisely.


BC Commercial Driver Test 05

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What happens to your passengers if a crash or breakdown makes it impossible for you to continue?

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As the operator of a school bus, how often are you required to wash the floor of the vehicle with water containing a disinfectant solution?

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If directed by signs, a police officer or an authorized person directs you, when must you report to a weigh scales?

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Can any school bus be fuelled while its engine is running or with any passenger inside it?

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In addition to the regular outside rear-view mirrors, what type of mirror must be installed on cab-over or forward-control type school buses?

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Some municipalities require all limousine and taxi drivers to have a special type of permit. What is this called?

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Can a person be allowed to board or leave a school bus other than from the right side?

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Which statement is false? When you apply for a permit you must provide...

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Which statement is false? Before you open the doors of your school bus to let passengers on or off, ensure that...

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Which vehicles must carry warning devices such as flags and flares?

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Is it necessary to have working lights that illuminate the passenger aisle of a bus?

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Are passengers allowed to stand on a school bus?

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What is the maximum allowable height for a commercial vehicle without an oversize load permit?

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Which statement is false? Tips for transporting persons with disabilities...

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When are overload permits generally issued?

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As a condition of an oversize or overload permit, a pilot car may be required. What is a pilot car?

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When driving a bus, what is not a clue that can help you avoid a collision with people or parked vehicles?

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What is the maximum legal with of a vehicle without and oversize load permit?

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Which statement is false? A bus shouldn't be loaded with baggage in a way that...

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Which statement is false? Every commercial passenger vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than 10 occupants, including the driver, must have...

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What can happen to the rear of the bus before leaving the curb?

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Who's responsible for ensuring that the safety equipment is available and in working order?

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If any mechanical inspector or peace officer finds that a school bus is unfit, what happens?

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You must report any defect or deficiency that could make your vehicle unsafe and be given in writing to...

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Which statement is false? Where should dangerous goods placards be placed on the transport trucks?

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When stopping to let off passengers, what distance should other drivers be able to see your vehicle?

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How often is it necessary to test the brakes on a school bus?

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As a school bus driver, when do you turn off your flashing lights and draw in your stop sign?

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Which statement is false? When operating an emergency vehicle, what conditions must be considered before exceeding speed limits or driving through stop signs and traffic signal lights?

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Should you always carry your training certificate with you when transporting dangerous goods?

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