BC Commercial Driver Test 04

It is essential to remain calm and focused when taking the official exam. Pace yourself and take your time on each question, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you’re unsure about a particular item. By passing the exam with flying colors, you’ll earn your commercial driver’s license and gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help you succeed on the road. So, take advantage of the resources and support available, and work hard to achieve your goals!


BC Commercial Driver Test 04

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A trailer with a high centre of gravity, what does it increase the chance of the vehicle doing?

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What does TAC stand for?

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Where a tiedown could be cut or scraped where it contacts cargo, what should be used to prevent this?

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What is referred to as dunnage?

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When coupling a trailer to the tractor, how do you know they are lined up correctly?

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What percentage of all greenhouse gases are produced by vehicles?

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Which statement is false? Police can impound the vehicle you're driving if you're caught committing any of the following offences, such as...

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If you're going to work with dangerous goods, what must your current employer do first?

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When transporting livestock and you have less than a full load, what can you do to keep livestock bunched together?

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Loads on a straight truck can't extend how far beyond the turn centre without having a red flag attached?

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Is a cab shield (cab protector, bulkhead) considered a front-end structure or part of a cargo securement?

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How far in front of the vehicle can load extend?

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When loading the trailer, why should the load be partially over or just ahead of the rear axles?

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If your vehicle becomes disabled, park as far off the road as possible and place warning devices in front and behind the vehicle, but how far?

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What should be the minimum distance between your breastbone and the airbag unit in the steering wheel?

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What should the working load limit of tiedowns used to secure cargo be?

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Front-end structures less than 1.83 m in height must be able to withstand a static load of how much?

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What type of hitch is used to couple a truck and trailer?

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When loading cargo, how should it be loaded so it doesn't cause your trailer to lean?

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If your trailer whips or swerves, what should you do to control it?

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When towing two trailers, what risk do you face?

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Which statement is false? What is the advantage of turning the engine off when you're not driving (for example, at a truck stop or depot)

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Before a vehicle transporting logs enters a highway from a private road, what must the driver do first?

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For trailers equipped with air suspension, what has to happen before applying the trailer brakes when leaving the trailer parked?

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Which statement is false? When you use load binders, you must...

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Is a trip inspection report required for every new trailer you pick up each day?

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When coupling and uncoupling multiple trailers, if the trailers have spring brakes, what should you do before coupling?

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Which statement is false? Whipping and swerving may be caused by...

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The Standard outlines specific requirements for transporting coils of rolled sheet metal where the shipment of coils weigh how much?

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Which statement is false? Tiedowns must not be used for cargo securement if...

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