BC Commercial Driver Test 01

Taking the BC commercial driver practice test is a critical step towards passing your official exam with flying colors. This practice test is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the test format, the types of questions asked, and the time constraints you will face. By taking this test seriously and preparing well, you can increase your chances of success on the official exam.


BC Commercial Driver Test 01

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What vehicle can you not drive with a class 1 licence?

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Do you need to follow all the steps for upgrading your commercial licence once you have a commercial licence for a difference class vehicle?

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What happens if you drive without a valid driver's licence or correct class of licence?

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What is the minimum age in order to legally operate a class 3 vehicle?

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You must provide proof that you have an acceptable driving record before you can get a commercial class driver's licence. If you live outside of BC, how do you show proof?

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If you've failed the first attempt of a class 1-4 licence, what is the minimum waiting period before a re-test can be done?

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How does the energy of heat stop the vehicle?

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What is the minimum age in order to legally operate a class 2 vehicle?

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Excessive use of the brakes could result in a buildup of more heat than the brakes can absorb and dissipate. What negative thing can happen if there is too much heat?

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When you see a problem ahead while driving, how long will it take for your perception to take hold?

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What is the minimum age in order to legally operate a class 1 vehicle?

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What is considered a special activity bus?

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How long is the learner's licence valid for?

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What does a heavy trailer endorsement (code 20) for a Class 4 or 5 driver's licence allow you to tow?

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What is every carrier you work for required to do before you are hired?

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Driving a class 2 or 3 vehicle, under what conditions can you operate a vehicle over 4600 kg?

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The NSC requires most commercial drivers to complete trip inspections. What does NSC stand for?

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Brakes convert the energy of motion back into what?

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If the axles are not equally loaded, how are wheels with lighter loads affected during braking?

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Under the NSC, when must pre-trip inspections always be done?

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Which statement is false? When you apply for a commercial driver's licence, heavy trailer endorsement or industrial air brake endorsement you'll be asked...

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Why is the pre-trip inspection part of your road test?

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Which driver licence classes allow you to operate a school bus?

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Where is the heat is absorbed and dissipated into?

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Even though it may have a diesel engine producing over 400 hp, because of the weight of the combination and its load, how long can it take to accelerate up to 100 km/h?

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Are you required to take medical exams on a regular schedule as long as you hold a commercial driver's licence?

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Are commercial drivers required to meet a higher vision standard than Class 5 drivers?

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After your perception takes hold, what is the typical reaction time of moving from the accelerator to the brake pedal?

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What is the minimum age in order to legally operate a class 4 unrestricted or restricted vehicle?

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If you take your Class 1, 2 or 3 road test using an automatic transmission, how is this reflected on your driver's licence?

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