BC Air Brake Practice Test 08

Remember to apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired through preparation, and use your critical thinking skills to interpret questions and answers accurately. With dedication, diligence, and a bit of luck, you can pass your official BC air brake exam with flying colors and begin your career as a professional commercial driver.


BC Air Brake Test 08

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Do you need to record on your daily post-trip inspection if you make an emergency adjustment of an automatic slack adjuster?

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With a typical Type 30 clamp type air chamber and an automatic slack adjuster, the brakes need repair if pushrod measurements are how long?

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What is the advantage of automatic slack adjusters?

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Which statement is false? On units that don't have the button, what must be removed?

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Is it illegal to retrofit manual slack adjusters on a vehicle manufactured with automatic slack adjusters?

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How often should automatic slack adjusters be checked by a mechanic at every chassis lubrication interval?

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Where is the parking brake control valve located?

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Is it true that most truck reservoir gauges don't have fine enough markings to accurately estimate such pressure change?

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How much should you back off the adjusting bolt by to restore running clearance?

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If a pushrod stroke is excessive during one of these mandatory checks, what is the problem?

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If the slack adjuster has a hexagonal (six-sided) adjusting bolt, the brakes may be set up by turning the adjusting bolt in which direction?

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Modern trucks have very large air reservoirs, and even if all the brakes had excess pushrod travel, the pressure drop would not reach how much?

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What's the difference between pushrod strokes with automatic slack adjusters and well-adjusted manual slack adjusters?

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To prevent interference between the slack adjuster and suspension parts, some manufacturers will vary the angle up to how much?

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Slack adjusters with square adjusting bolts have what size hexagonal (hex) cap located on the slack adjuster body?

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Is it true that on vehicles with tandem axles, it's common to find that one axle sets up with a clockwise turn, while the other requires a reverse direction?

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Does a 90-degree angle between the centre of the slack adjuster arm and the chamber pushrod with the brakes applied a good indication that the brake is adjusted correctly?

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Why are manual adjustment of automatic slack adjusters dangerous?

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If the slack adjuster has a square adjusting bolt located at the bottom end of the body, when should you adjust it?

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If an automatic slack adjuster strokes beyond the maximum allowed, what does it mean?

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Which statement is false? All trucks use piston-type air compressors. Depending on their demands, how many cylinders would they have?

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If you have no application pressure gauge and are checking and adjusting automatic slack adjusters, what should you do?

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Why should automatic slack adjusters still need to be regularly checked?

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What is a reliable substitute for physically checking brake adjustment?

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Most manufacturers of automatic slack adjusters specify that pushrod stroke be checked by making how much of an application?

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Why is it recommended that you get the service data books for the make of automatic slack adjusters that you are using?

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Do automatic slack adjusters still need to be regularly checked?

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While backing off while checking and adjusting automatic slack adjusters, it may take considerable force and you may hear or feel ratcheting. What does this mean?

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Some parking brake control valves and trailer supply valves will remain in the open position with as little as how much psi?

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Some of these hex caps are equipped with a round 'button' that can be pried up approximately how far and held, using a screwdriver?

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