BC Air Brake Practice Test 06

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BC Air Brake Test 06

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What do shutoff pressures of the pressure-protection valves vary between?

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What happens if the brakes are applied too hard for road conditions, and a wheel lockup occurs?

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What is the most important part of any braking system?

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Which statement is false? You must not drive the vehicle if...

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Anti-lock brakes are commonly referred to as...

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Trucks with anti-lock brakes have solenoid valves. What are they often called?

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Where is the This ABS warning light positioned on the trailer?

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To achieve the shortest possible stopping distance on extremely slippery surfaces, what should you do?

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What is the most common type of air brake chamber used on trucks and trailers?

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A long stroke Type 30 is designated as...

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If the anti-lock braking system warning light does not work, do the normal air brakes still work?

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A type 30 chamber has a maximum available stroke of...

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Which statement is false? Before starting an air brake pre-trip inspection...

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How can you tell how much air pressure is in the main reservoirs?

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When the anti-lock brakes pulsate, the pulsating current is monitored by...

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What are pressure-protection valves designed to do?

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Which statement is false? Which vehicles still uses the spring parking brake emergency release system?

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Some vehicles have air pressure gauges to indicate pressure in the reservoirs and the...

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Is stopping in an emergency with a combination unit, where the tractor and all trailers are ABS-equipped any different?

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You can't always crawl underneath your vehicle to measure air brake chamber pushrod travel, so what can you do?

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Is there any time you should go under the rear of the vehicle to check the air tanks to confirm they are secure, the air lines are tied up and secure?

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When should you check to see if the trailer is equipped with anti-lock brakes?

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Are you required to check manual and automatic slack adjusters daily during the pre-trip inspection?

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What is the penalty if you're operating a vehicle with brakes that are defective?

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Which statement is false? Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are typically made up of...

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What is meant by slack adjustment?

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Brake failures and runaways that result in crashes are almost never caused by...

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How would the driver know if the trailer's air brake anti-lock braking system is not functioning properly?

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Are trucks and tractors equipped with a dash mounted failure warning lamp that monitors the ABS system?

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Who is ultimately responsible to ensure that the brakes are operating properly before the vehicle is moved?

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