BC Air Brake Practice Test 04

It is crucial to familiarize oneself with the inspection requirements and procedures, as well as the braking and stopping distances for different vehicles. Being knowledgeable in these areas will not only enhance one’s chances of passing the test but also contribute to a safer driving experience. So, with dedication and a comprehensive approach, obtaining a BC air brake endorsement will not be an insurmountable task.


BC Air Brake Test 04

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Spring parking brakes are mounted on which axles?

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What's the purpose of the supply line?

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What is the only major item of the air brake system not found on a trailer air system that is on the tractor's system?

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Some tractor protection systems will shut off immediately in a breakaway, but some will do what?

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A bobtail tractor has very little weight over the rear drive axles, so it's very easy to lock up the rear brakes. What system is used to help prevent this?

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When spring parking brakes are applied, how much force is applied to all of the brake components?

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Most trailer air supply valves are what shape and colour?

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What is a spring brake modulator?

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Why should glad hands be fastened to dead-end (dummy) couplers or to each other when not in use?

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What should always be done after coupling the tractor to a trailer?

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What is the method used to check that the two-way check valve is working?

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How can you tell if you have reversed the supply line and service line connections?

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Are hand valves spring-loaded, like the foot valve?

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With regards to the spring brakes, what should happen before making a heavy service brake application?

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Which reservoir does the two-way check valve use to supply the parking brake dash control with air?

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Should the proper operation of the tractor protection system be checked regularly?

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What is the name of the coupling device used to connect and disconnect air lines from tractors and trailers?

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When bobtailing, the braking pressure to the drive axle brakes is reduced by as much as...

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How many inlet ports does the two-way check valves have?

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What's the purpose of a hand valve?

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What is the purpose of the control line?

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Can you use the hand valve should in normal or emergency situation braking?

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If all air is lost and the vehicle has to be towed, how can the spring brakes be released?

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A peace officer may place your vehicle out of service if the tractor protection system allows the tractor pressure to drop below how much psi?

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What is another name for the control line?

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What is it called when the relay emergency valve senses the trailer has broken away from the tractor and applies the trailer service brakes with full trailer reservoir pressure?

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Trailers that aren't equipped with spring parking brakes use a device called...

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What is the air that is delivered from the two-way check valve is frequently called?

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What is the purpose of the tractor protection system?

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What is another name for the supply line?

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