BC Air Brake Practice Test 03

Taking the BC air brake practice test can be a nerve-wracking experience for those wanting to obtain their air brake endorsement. However, with proper preparation and practice, passing the official exam with flying colors is achievable. It is recommended to use certified training materials and take advantage of online practice tests to gain an in-depth understanding of the air brake system and regulations.


BC Air Brake Test 03

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Other than a leak, what could cause low-air pressure?

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Some older vehicles are equipped with a low-air warning device near the top of the windshield that drops into the driver's view when air pressure drops. What is this?

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What is the second type of parking brake in an air brake system known as?

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What is another name for manually releasing an applied spring parking brake?

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In a dual air brake system, if one of the system totally fails, is the driver able to make a controlled stop?

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In a dual air brake system, when brakes are applied, which section activates first?

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What is the purpose of the relay valve?

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If there are two reservoirs, how many pressure gauges are there?

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What is meant by compounding air brakes?

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What's another name for a drain valve?

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How often should you drain reservoirs?

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In a dual air brake system, where is the air from the primary tank applied to?

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What is another name for the foot brake pedal?

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Where is the relay valve typically installed?

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What happens when the driver releases the foot valve?

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What is the name of the line that air flows from the foot valve to the foundation brakes?

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What is the purpose of a dual air brake system?

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What does a quick release valve do?

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Many vehicles have a single gauge with two needles, indicating the pressure in which reservoirs?

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How long have dual air brake systems been in use?

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When should caging of park brake actually be done?

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Which reservoir usually has the most contaminants in it?

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Typically, where is the low-air warning device connected to?

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What is the most common type of parking brake in an air brake system?

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At what point does the low-air warning device come on?

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What type of vehicle are safety actuators typically used on?

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What do one-way check valves do?

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Does the foot control valve have the ability to maintain the application pressure that you've chosen, even if there is a small leak downstream from the foot valve?

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What are the problems using the air brakes for parking?

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If the low-air pressure warning light comes on, what should you do?

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