BC Air Brake Practice Test 01

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BC Air Brake Test 01

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What's the purpose of the air brake chamber?

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What is a delivery line?

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If a compressor pumps the air, what controls the compressor?

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Are air brakes more tolerant to small leaks?

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At what angle is the position of the slack adjuster to the pushrod?

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Air brakes are used as an alternative to which type of brakes?

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To prevent the compressor from overheating, what's the most common method used on heavy trucks?

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When does the compressor produce air?

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What does air resistance create?

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The force generated at the wheel to stop is a lot more than...

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What would you need to do to maintain the same braking force as brake fade increases?

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Why have air brakes?

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Are air chambers made in different sizes?

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What is referred to as brake lag time?

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Through force multiplication, 100 psi of air pressure produces a pushrod force at how many pounds?

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What is compressed air?

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What causes the pushrod to extend out of the brake chamber?

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What is The typical brake lag time from when you apply the brake pedal (foot valve) to when the air reaches the wheel and applies the brake?

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As the piston moves down in the cylinder of the compressor, what does it create?

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What is considered a long stroke brake chamber?

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What is used to measure if the brake is within adjustment tolerance

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How are long stroke brake chambers identified?

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Which statement is false? The diaphragm construction is similar to a tire sidewall, consisting of a reinforced fabric core with a rubber coating with other main parts of...

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What is not part of the air brake chamber?

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What is referred to as brake fade?

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Squeezing air into a smaller space increases what?

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What is referred to as the foundation brake?

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Can brake drums expand and move away from the shoes?

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What is not a type of automatic slack adjustor?

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Which brake system uses a much greater force to apply the brakes?

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