Alberta School Bus Driver Test 02

It is important to arrive at the exam center on time, ask for clarifications if necessary, and read each question carefully. Remember to take breaks and stay calm throughout the test. Passing your official exam with flying colors requires much effort, but it is well worth it. As a successful school bus driver, you will ensure the safety of children and provide reliable transportation to and from school. With your hard work and dedication, you will be an asset to your community and make a positive impact on children’s lives.


Alberta School Bus Test 02

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What does holding the vehicle in too low a gear while the engine races cause?

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What does GVW refer to?

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If you do a thorough job in the afternoon with the post-trip inspection, how does this help you?

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When would you drive in a lower gear with an automatic transmission?

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What is referred to as 'double clutching' ?

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What does MRC refer to?

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The majority of reported injuries due to collisions are what type of injuries?

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As a professional school bus operator, what is your main objective?

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If there is a stop coming up and if there is traffic following or oncoming, what should the driver try to do?

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How often do CVIP Inspection occur?

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For units equipped with the 'No Child Left Behind' or Child Check-mate System', what is not part of the check?

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If you require additional power to accelerate quickly in an automatic transmission vehicle, what would you need to do?

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Signally right will indicate your intentions to change lane position. When should you do this?

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The magnetic float gauge attached to the tank should indicate the tank is now filled to capacity to a total capacity of the tank of how much?

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Your alternately flashing lights are to always be used for loading or unloading, unless...

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For propane fueled buses, when liquid level reaches maximum permitted in the tank, what happens next?

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What is referred to as the service brake?

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What does shifting before the proper engine speed is reached cause?

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If the bus takes propane, who is allowed to refuel the bus?

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The driver shall not move the school bus after the disembarking until the student is observed doing what?

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What is the National Safety Code (NSC)?

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When should the driver activate the alternately flashing amber lamps?

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How far should any ignition be of the dispenser or container being filled of propane?

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What is the top reason to keep your school bus clean inside and out?

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What is the definition of 'roadway' in the TRAFFIC SAFETY ACT?

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Does the maintenance and inspection program be in writing?

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How long does a carrier need to retain the record for a school bus?

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Once an operator is back at the yard or their park-out location, what should the driver do?

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Where do the majority of school bus-related fatalities (62%) occur?

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When should the alternatively flashing yellow lights be activated?

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