Alberta Air Brake Test 08

Practice tests aided in building confidence and reducing test anxiety. With the knowledge gained from the practice test and dedicated study and preparation, one can approach the official exam with a higher level of assurance and increase their chances of achieving a positive outcome. Furthermore, passing the Alberta Air Brake exam is essential for aspiring commercial drivers, who must ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.


Alberta Air Brake Test 08

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What does the phrase 'cammed over' refer to?

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Why should you not mix air line fittings?

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What is the major issue of a kinked air line?

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If there are system failures that affect braking ability, what needs to happen?

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What does the system leaks procedure check for?

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To check the air compressor, run the engine at 1200 rpm, the low-pressure warning should go out at what rpm?

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To check the air compressor, run the engine at 1200 rpm, then start timing when the air pressure is at what rpm?

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What is the only air line not filled during this air systems leaks procedure?

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When does a loose air tank cause a failure?

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Air system failures are sometimes dealt with by blocking off the air lines that supply the failed component. Is this acceptable?

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What causes the clevis pins to work their way out?

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To check the governor, the cut out should be at what rpm?

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What causes the cracks in the brake drums to widen, and eventually the drum comes apart?

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What is the maximum air pressure leakage allowable during the air systems leaks procedure?

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Can loose brake chambers still apply some application force to the foundation brakes?

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What causes chaffed air lines?

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What would you have to do to confirm that the brake chamber is securely installed?

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Which of the following is not included in the air supply circuit inspection?

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What can foundation brake component failures can result in?

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During a vehicle inspection, how do you confirm that the air tanks are securely mounted?

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To check the air compressor, run the engine at 1200 rpm and stop the timing when the air pressure is at what rpm?

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What happens when the clevis completely separates?

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What happens after a plastic air line is kinked?

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If there are any corrosion or damage seen in brake chambers or clamp rings, who is qualified to repair it?

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What are cracked brake drums caused by?

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What happens when there is brake lining failure?

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Within the commercial vehicle industry, what does CVSA refer to?

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With regard to brake lining, what causes oil saturation?

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What causes hose bulges within the air lines?

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The CVSA standards require at least how much lining thickness?

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