Alberta Air Brake Test 06

Passing the Alberta Air Brake test requires a high level of competency and knowledge, as well as a significant amount of practice and preparation, which you have undoubtedly achieved. It’s no small feat to earn an endorsement for operating vehicles with air brakes, and your accomplishment should be celebrated. Your success highlights the importance of studying diligently, asking for help when needed, and staying motivated throughout the learning process.


Alberta Air Brake Test 06

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What does a flashing ABS dash light indicate?

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Brake management systems are effective, when should drivers rely on them?

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What is an Electric Driveline Retarder do?

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What will a heavy load at the front of a trailer will cause the drive axles to have?

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When using tire chains, what is not recommended?

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What potential problem can happen while applying brakes on combination vehicles?

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What do exhaust retarders essentially do?

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If approaching a large amount of water on the road, what should you not do?

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When using runaway lanes, which does not apply?

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While braking on icy roads, what is not recommended?

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What does a steady ABS dash light indicate?

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When descending on unfamiliar grades, which statement is false?

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What's another work for jackknife?

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With regard to ABS, which statement is false?

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Antilock Brake Systems (ABS) are handled by sensors, modulators and a computer. Which statement is false? The modulators can be located...

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What does water in the brake drums cause?

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What is Automatic Traction Control (ATC)?

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Trailers equipped with ABS brakes will have an ABS warning light. Where is this light located?

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To descend safely in rural areas, which statement is false?

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When were ABS brake mandatory on all air brake trucks, buses and trailers?

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What do ABS brakes do?

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What are Hydraulic Driveline Retarders similar to?

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At what point do air brakes generate the most ongoing heat?

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To brake safely with ABS, what should you not do?

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What is the cause of almost all of the brake failures and runaway crashes?

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When should the driver check the ABS light on the trailer?

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The brakes under the empty rear of the trailer receiving the same amount of application air pressure as the drive axles, without the load to hold them down onto the ground, what can happen?

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What is the biggest challenge for combination units causing the loss of brake balance?

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If speed increases on a downgrade, what should you not do?

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When do auxiliary retarders work best?

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