Alberta Air Brake Test 04

Studying the Alberta Driver’s Guide and the Air Brake Manual is recommended. Mastering the concepts of air brakes, such as the main components, signs of brake failure, and maintenance schedule, is crucial. Additionally, simulation tests are incredibly helpful in building confidence and improving test-taking skills. Armed with a solid foundation of knowledge and the practice and experience gained from the simulation tests, you can approach the official exam with a high degree of confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to ace it.


Alberta Air Brake Test 04

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What is the problem with air pressure park brakes?

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If there is any doubt about the security of the glad hand couplers during coupling, pre-trip and en-route inspections, what should happen?

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Rather than using mechanical spring park brakes to hold the foundation brakes on for the emergency brake, what can be done instead?

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Pushing in the trailer air supply valve (red button) with the park control valve (yellow button) pulled during these vehicle inspections will allow what to happen?

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If the trailer does lose traction during a trailer supply line failure, what happens?

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Having a very powerful emergency brake, twice as powerful as spring park brakes, what is the risk?

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When would the dash park control valve be used?

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During a secondary service circuit failure, which brakes will not apply?

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What do glad hand couplers do?

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What will cause the glad hand couplers to leak?

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What can you do to remove contamination before attaching the glad hand couplers?

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What's the purpose of the slack adjuster?

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What will a failure in the park circuit will cause?

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What will enforcement officers during Level 1 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspection will check?

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Foundation brakes are the mechanical component at the axle ends. If they are not working properly, what happens?

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What does the tractor protection valve do?

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What is the only tractor air system failure that will cause a service circuit's brakes not to work during a service application?

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What does the service/control line do?

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If the trailer service brakes are not working and the vehicle must be stopped quickly, what should the driver do?

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What should glad hand couplers have on them when not pulling a trailer?

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During emergency braking, which statement is false?

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What do the air lines that connect to the trailer carry?

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If there is any sign that the trailer service brakes are not working and the vehicle must be stopped quickly, what should the driver do?

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During a roadside inspection, what happens if the trailer air supply valve does not work properly?

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What can become a problem of a tractor using coiled plastic air lines?

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Is the trailer supply valve part of the tractor's protection system?

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What year did were spring park brakes required on trailers?

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What is the minimum lining thickness for brake linings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) roadside inspection out-of-service criteria?

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Why do flat deck haulers run the trailer air lines from the back of the frame to the landing leg area of the trailer, rather than from the back of the cab to the nose of the trailer?

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How are failures in the supply circuit recognized?

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