Alberta Air Brake Test 03

Taking the Alberta Air Brake practice test is essential to obtaining the required certification to operate vehicles equipped with air brakes. Not only does the practice test help you gauge your knowledge, but it also helps you prepare for the official exam. It is a means to identify gaps in your understanding and provides an opportunity to rectify them. Carrying out ample practice can help you pass the exam with flying colors.


Alberta Air Brake Test 03

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What do the air pressure gauges measure?

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When the brakes are released, where is the air typically released through?

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Air pressure for the park circuit is delivered from which tank?

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When do the tanks drain properly?

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When the park control valve is pulled, what happens?

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What allows the brakes to release more rapidly?

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To reduce lag time, what is installed near the brake chambers?

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What do brake chambers do?

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What does Type 20 typically refer to?

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What is the purpose of a check valve?

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Power units have two service circuits: one for the steering axel. What is the other one?

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The capacity of a service tank is set according to what?

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What does AD-IS refer to?

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The low air alarm is set to activate if air pressure drops below what psi?

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It's not recommended to take park springs apart. Why is this?

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Which is not part of the service brake circuit?

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How much are the service capable of handling?

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Are trainer service and park circuits the same as truck and bus circuits?

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A long stroke chamber has a total stroke of...

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How many air lines go to the trailer?

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How much full-service brake applications should the air tank volume capacity be capable of providing?

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Since not all trailers should have alcohol-based antifreeze, how would you know if they should?

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Spring park brakes begin to apply if system air pressure drops below what pressure?

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What is the purpose of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)?

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How can spring brakes be manually released?

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Does every axle group will have an independent service brake circuit?

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Which statement is false? During a brake application...

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What is the typical size of brake chambers for load bearing axels?

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What does air brake antifreeze essentially do?

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The park brake control valve pops out when the pressure drops to what psi?

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