Alberta Air Brake Test 01

Taking the Alberta Air Brake practice test is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome on the official exam. The practice test is challenging yet immensely helpful as it provides a comprehensive overview of the topics covered on the official exam.


Alberta Air Brake Test 01

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How long does the practical test last?

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A completed classroom session is the prerequisite to what?

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If the weight and speed are both doubled, how much more braking force is required?

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Can the students complete the operations on the Air Brake Practical Test form with assistance?

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When can you have the Registry Agent apply the endorsement or license upgrade?

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Will the students be able to demonstrate they know how to confirm that the brakes have stroked into the correct adjustment during the course?

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If the practical test is not successful, are you allowed a retest?

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Are instructors allowed to coach students through individual procedures?

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What is the passing mark for the air brake knowledge test?

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What is the purpose of the air system pre-trip practice during the course?

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What is an air brake lag?

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How much braking power will be required when the weight is doubled?

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Which is not a knowledge objective for the classroom portion of the Alberta Air Brake Program?

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How often should each student perform an air brake system pre-trip during the course?

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The air brake knowledge test is conducted by whom?

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When the speed is doubled, how much more braking force is required?

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Why was the Alberta Air Brake Program was established?

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Do drivers of a two axle single motor vehicles registered as farm vehicles require an air brake 'Q' endorsement?

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Which is not a skill objective for the practical training session?

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What happens to the heat within the brakes?

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What creates a longer air brake lag?

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How long is the classroom schedule for the course?

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Why do hydraulic brakes apply instantly when air brakes do not?

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What is the purpose of the practical test?

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What do brakes convert the energy of momentum into?

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Which license class does not need an air brake endorsement?

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What can cause brake failure?

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What else can affect air pressure flow?

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When should you write the air brake knowledge test?

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When are the practical tests completed?

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