Air Brake Practice Test 07

If you’re getting ready to take your official Canadian air brake test, it’s crucial to feel as prepared as possible. One great way to boost your confidence is by taking advantage of the free Air Brake Practice Test. This test will allow you to get a feel for the format and content of the official exam, as well as identify any areas where you may need to brush up on your knowledge.


Air Brake Practice Test 07

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The ATC system uses many of the same sensing and control components as...

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How is the driver informed when wheel slip is detected?

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What happens when a vehicle is being operated with the cruise control set and wheel slip is detected?

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If a failure occurs in the primary circuit, and a brake application is made, control air from the foot valve is directed to...

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If the ABS detects a wheel locking-up during a brake application, what happens?

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How does differential braking occur?

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Which statement is false? The only way the vehicle can be moved after all air is lost is...

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With combination tractor and trailer with spring parking brakes, to apply the spring parking brakes, the spring parking brake control valve is closed causes...

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The primary and secondary circuits are equipped with low air pressure warning devices, which are triggered by...

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Does the air brake system remain the same with the addition of the ABS components?

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When driving a vehicle with ABS, how does it have to be driven differently?

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Can tractors and trailers with or without ABS be connected to one another without affecting the operation of the ABS?

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Is automatic traction control (ATC) available on all vehicles?

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When a brake application is made and the system detects a wheel locking-up, what happens?

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What is used to supply the spring parking brake control valve?

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Brake applications can be repeated until...

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Spring parking brakes with modulator valve serve how many purposes?

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When the ABS starts working, what should you do?

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As the air pressure drops below 85psi, what will happen to the spring parking brakes?

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At approximately how many psi will the spring parking brake control valve on the dash exhaust the remaining air in the secondary circuit?

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How is electronic engine control activated?

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Which statement is false? An ABS basically consists of...

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Are the old and new tractor and trailer systems fully interchangeable with regards to the tractor and trailer with spring parking brakes?

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Can a trailer with a basic air brake system be towed by a tractor with a dual air brake system?

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What is an anti-lock brake system (ABS)?

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Trailers with ABS will have a system warning light typically mounted where?

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When using an engine brake and you encounter a slippery road surface, the ABS will detect the wheel lockup and do what?

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What is automatic traction control?

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The ABS wheel sensors are located on a minimum of how many wheels?

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A vehicle equipped with an air brake system with manual slack adjusters, is it possible to pump the brake pedal to compensate for brakes that are out of adjustment?

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